X Bull Winch Vs Badlands: All In One

Finding the right winch can be a 4-wheelers nightmare. There are too many brands out there with speculations and debates surrounding them. Among them, X bull and Badlands are two popular brands that come with an affordable price tag. Before selecting a winch to buy, you need to consider a lot of features. 

So in this article, we’ll be looking at the similarities and differences between these two brands: X Bull Winch vs Badlands, for you to make an informed decision when buying a winch.

Let’s check them out.

Quick Comparison of Them

Brand: X-Bull Badlands
Manufactured inAustraliaChina
Winch Capacities2500lbs – 14500lbs2000lbs-12000lbs
Wireless RemoteAvailableAvailable
Rope TypeSynthetic/SteelSynthetic/Steel
Water ResistantYesYes
Warranty1 year90 Days (From Date of Purchase),Extended Warranty (1-2 years)
ReviewsSee What Users SaySee What Users Say

Brief Of X Bull Winch

X-Bull is an Australian-based company born out of a need to produce reliable winches and recovery kits at an affordable price ten years ago. They have their own professional design team and factory, dedicated to manufacturing off-road equipment. 

The X-Bull brand stands among the trusted names of the winching world. The company’s motto is “affordable toughness” which explains the surprising prices they offer for various models of their winch lineup. X-Bull winches offer a higher standard of consistent pulling capacity at lower prices than its competitors without sacrificing the durability and longevity of their products.

Brief Of Badlands Winch

Badland winches from Harbor Freight are designed in Calabasas, California. These are manufactured in China by Ningbo Antai Winches Technology Company and Ningbo Lianda Winch Company. They are branded and marketed under the Badland Winches trademark by Harbor Freight Tools. 

Harbor Freight offers competitive prices for their badlands winch lineup. These winches are very popular and are known to provide incredible value to meet their customer’s needs. Badland products are put through rigorous quality control checks in both local California headquarters and the factories where they are manufactured.

X Bull Winch Vs Badlands

X bull and Badland are good options to go for when you are hunting for popular and reliable brands in the winch industry. With their innovative design, advanced technology and various functionalities can provide users with high-quality products.

Both X bull and Badland have attractive features which invite people towards their products.

Country Of Origin

X-Bull: It is an Australian local company created out of the need to produce Reliable and Durable off-road equipment and tough 4WD accessories at an affordable price. They have a professional design team and factory where their products are manufactured.

Badland: Harbor Freight’s badland winches are designed in their Calabasas, California headquarter. These winches are manufactured in China by Ningbo Antai Winches Technology Company and Ningbo Lianda Winch Company, and marketed globally by Harbor Freight.

Winch capacity

X-Bull: Winches from X-bull come in several different pulling capacities. They have a 2500lbs trailer winch and several winches with 3000lbs-4500lbs capacity for ATVs and UTVs. For jeep and towing trucks they have the x-bull 12000 winch, x-bull 13000 winch and the x-bull XPV 14500 lbs winch.

Badland: There is a wide selection of high-quality winches for trucks and trailers, ATVs and UTVs from Harbor Freight’s Badland winch lineup. You can choose from the Badland Zxr series, Badland Apex series, or simply the Badland series for your pulling needs. Truck and SUV owners may go for the Badland ZXR 9000lbs and 12000lbs winch or the Badland Apex 12000lbs winch with synthetic or steel cable. For trailer users, they have 1500lbs-2500lbs winch and for ATVs and UTVs there are 2500lbs-5500lbs capacity winches of both ZXR and the Apex series.

Wireless remote

X-Bull: They provide an x-bull wireless remote with many of their winches, which can give you as much as 150ft of wireless range to control the winch. You can also buy the remote separately from their website.

Badland: The badland winch remote can give you a wireless range of 50ft to control your winch.

Winch Rope

X-bull: X-Bull offers both types of Winch Cable for their winch collection. You can choose from winch Synthetic rope or Steel rope for the same model as per your need. The use of synthetic line or rope is considered to be safer since it’s not as likely to snap back at you under heavy load.

Badland: Unlike x-bull, the Badland winches don’t come with different rope options for the same model of winch. You will find different models specifically fitted with a Synthetic rope or Steel rope. The synthetic rope models are a great option since it is lightweight and easy to handle. If you’re looking to double your pulling power, then you’ll need to look at getting a snatch block as well.


X-Bull: Overall the winches from X-bull are more affordable. You can find a 2500lbs trailer winch to 14500lbs Truck and SUV winch at a price ranging from anywhere between $80-$600.

Badland: The  Badland winches are more expensive compared to X-bull. The Apex series winches are pricier compared to others. Depending on the model and the capacity of winch their price ranges from $70-$700.


X-Bull: Almost all of the X-bull winches feature an IP66 or IP67 rating for dust and water resistant operation. 

Badland: The majority of the winches Badland manufactures are simply water-resistant, which means they have a limited ability to withstand water penetration. So they can handle a few splashes of water but can’t be protected when completely submerged.


X-Bull: They offer a 12-month warranty on most of their products. You may click here to find the details of their warranty policy.

Badland: There is a 90 Day return policy from Harbor Freight on selected products. Besides they have an extended service protection plan that you can get for a few extra bucks. Click Here to find out more.

Which One Is For You?

X bull is an Australian local brand in the winch industry that offers great value for money. It’s not expensive and the features are great. These winches are reliable under normal usage and you can find tons of great reviews on the internet vouching for them. So, if you are looking for a great winch on a tight budget that is not made in china then you may go for X-Bull winches.

On the other hand, the Badland winches from Harbor Freight have been in the market for a long time now. They have released a lot of different models from which you can choose depending on your winching needs. These winches are made in China and are affordable when compared to other big brands in the winching world. Many users tend to believe that china made winches do not provide great value but it’s not always the case. Badland winches have good popularity and are known to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Are x bull winches waterproof?

Ans: Most of the X-Bull winches have IP66 or IP67 ratings which means they are dustproof and water resistant.

Is Badland winch waterproof?

Ans: Majority of the badland winches are water resistant and can handle splashes of water but are susceptible to damage when completely submerged. However, the Badland Apex 12000 is an exception.  It can function even when immersed in water

How to power badlands winch?

Ans: To power a winch you should use the starter battery of the vehicle. A starter battery will power a winch more effectively since it has higher cranking amps that it can apply quickly.

How many amps does a badland winch draw?

Ans: The amperage draw will depend on how much load you will be pulling. The more load you pull the more amperage it draws. A normal 9,000 lbs winch will consume 60–70 amps for simply spooling in and out with zero load.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of winch brands on the market. It’s hard to find a trustworthy brand that has great features and at the same time is pocket friendly. We compared the features of X Bull winch vs Badland, for you and hope it helps you choose the right one that suits your needs.

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