Warn Evo 10s Review: An Overall View

Warn has been a leading manufacturer of winches for many years. They make some of the finest winches on the market today, known for their high quality performance-oriented products.

It’s not just about the price though because there is a lot that goes into making a product great. Today we are going to go over the Warn Evo 10s review, and learn how it performs better than its competitors.

Warn VR Evo 10s Specifications

Before we jump into the review let’s check out what the VR EVO 10-S is offering.

Winch Capacity

The Warn Evo 10s has an astounding pulling capacity of 10000 LBS. This means it’s perfect to use for large SUVs, Jeeps and 1/2 Ton pickup trucks.


With its IP-68 rated waterproof construction this winch has the highest standard ingress protection rating.


You’ll be happy to know that warn provides a 2 in 1 remote with this winch. You can use the wireless or the wired option, whichever is convenient depending on the situation.

Rope Type

The “S” in the name stands for synthetic. The warn vr evo 10-s comes with a 90 feet long ⅜” durable synthetic rope. 


Warn uses heavy duty Albright contactors for reliable performance. The control pack is relocatable so you can get creative with the mounting style.

Motor Type And Gear Train

A powerful series wound motor in combination with a three stage planetary gear gives the VR evo 10-s faster line speed under load. The gear ratio is 218:1. It can pull 27.1 feet per minute under zero load and 5.2 feet per minute under maximum load(10000 lbs).


Warn Evo 10s Dimensions: ‎21 x 6.3 x 10.1 inches.

Evo 10s Weight: 72.4 pounds

Warn Evo 10s Review

The EVO 10-S, a standard duty winch, prepares to rescue you from any situation you put your vehicle in and ready for all kinds of off-road actions.

It’s a tough winch with IP-68 rating which gives the highest standard protection from dust and water ingression.

The heavy duty albright contactor ensures that it won’t fail you. Along with the powerful series bound motor and planetary gear train generates a faster line speed even when the winch is under a load and the best part is that it still does this with a lower amp draw so you can be stress free about the juice it pulls from the battery.

This winch has a 3.8-inch synthetic line, and a max pull strength of 10000 LBS and can pull at a speed of 5.2 feet per minute. This winch can pull a lot of weight at a decent speed to help you or another friend get out of the ditch.

Another great thing that we like about it is the relocatable control pack. With the warn vr evo 10s relocation kit it’s possible to fit it where you need it to be. The winch offers two control options, it comes with a remote that you can wire for outside operation and the warn evo 10s wireless remote allows you to operate the winch wirelessly.

The installation of WARN VR EVO 10-S is fairly easy. It’s a bolt-on operation with a bit of wiring for the power. However, depending on the application and bumper you may need to install the winch before you install the bumper. Follow the warn evo 10s manual to securely install the winch.

Warn has put a great set of features and style into this winch and it indeed provides a lot of value. We think it’s an excellent deal and well worthy to be on an offroader’s checkout list.


Where are WARN VR EVO winches made?

Ans: The Warn VR and VR EVO series are manufactured in china. The parts are globally sourced and the winches from this lineup are made to compete with the less expensive winches available on the market.

Are WARN winches worth the money?

Ans: Yes. Warn winches offer exceptional durability and performance which accounts for the high price.

How much does a WARN VR Evo 10s weigh?

Ans: The warn vr evo 10-s weighs 72.4 pounds or 32.8 kilograms.

Is WARN Evo Made in the USA?

Ans:  No. The Evo series from warn is manufactured in china.

Do Warn winches ever go on sale?

Ans: Sadly, just a few times a year, Warn permits deals and discounts on their items due to strict regulation.

Is warn Evo waterproof?

Ans:  Yes. The winches from VR EVO series are rated IP-68 and well protected from dust and water ingression.

Final Thoughts

The Warn Evo 10-S winch is a solid, well built winch that has a lot of power. If you’re looking for a high quality winch, both operationally and aesthetically, that has all the features you could need with a solid warranty this may be the right choice for you. 

That’s it with our Warn Evo 10s review.

Happy Winching!!!

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Ricardo Vaughn

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