Viper Winch Review: An Elite View

There are many different winches available on the market, and it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. MotoAlliance as a manufacturer of the viper winch series ensures their best performance in all the tasks a winch is meant for.

Though viper winch is comparatively new in winch industries but on its top, MotoAlliance winches stand for premium quality, construction, and updated eye-catching design leading to a maximum product lifespan. So, it is getting popular one of the most popular winch brands in the U.S. and Canada.

This article will review the market-leading MotoAlliance Viper series winch for ATV, UTV, SxS, etc. So let’s check it out in-depth. 

Editor’s Choice

MotoAlliance VIPER V2
  • Light weight
  • High Pulling Capacity
  • IP67 Rated Waterproof
  • Very Long Synthetic Rope
  • Automatic Brake
MotoAlliance VIPER Elite
  • Fit with every mounting plate
  • Wireless remote system
  • IP67 Rated Waterproof
  • Permanent magnet motor
  • Two-piece Line Stopper
MotoAlliance VIPER Max
  • High Pulling Capacity
  • IP67 Rated Waterproof
  • A fairly large cable
  • Weather proof paint
  • Waterproof Switch

Viper Winch Review

The viper series is a line of winches from MotoAlliance is known for making high quality, affordable off-road products made with pride. MotoAlliance’s mission is to develop high-quality power sports accessories while providing exceptional support and service throughout the buying process and beyond. Based in the north metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota, MotoAlliance distributes its winches across The U.S. and Canada. 

The viper winches are of exceptional quality at great prices ranging from 2500 lbs to 6000 lbs. As the viper winch is manufactured by the sole owner so they have the freedom to design, test, and innovate new solutions for off-roaders. 

Their team is highly skilled engineers and industry experts who made each product with a deep sense of pride and using bypassing traditional distribution sites they bring the products directly to the customer’s door- resulting in a lower cost while maintaining the highest quality. 

So the brand is worth the money as they provide the best-manufactured products at an affordable price. Here below is our list of MotoAlliance Viper winches. Let’s check the list to grab the best one.

S. NoWinchCapacityGear RatioIP RatingWeight
1Viper V26,000 lbs192:1IP67 Rated22.0 lbs
2Viper Elite4,500 lbs136:1IP67 Rated30.0 lbs
3Viper Max5,000 lbs136:1IP67 Rated24.0 lbs
4Viper Midnight4,500 lbsN/AN/A22.2 lbs

01. Viper V2 Winch

In MotoAlliance’s well-known VIPER family of ATV/UTV winches, the VIPER V2 winch represents the next development. V2 winches can withstand anything your outdoor lifestyle can dish out big props to their modern, sleek design, IP67 waterproof rating, and sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction. Additionally, every V2 has a wireless remote switch to improve the convenience and safety of winching operations.

Every part complies with the higher design standard of VIPER Winches of 2022, from the laser-marked winch body through the blacked-out clevis hook to the “stealth” wiring. All V2s are also manually wound with synthetic rope developed in the USA called AmSteel-Blue in the color of your choice.

The VIPER V2’s sturdy, the all-aluminum body can withstand impacts and the weather while safeguarding its IP67-rated watertight sealing. According to the IP67 waterproof classification, a winch can withstand a 30-minute complete submersion in 3 feet of water.

Laser making on the aluminum winch body and hawse results in a premium look and also resist rust. The viper V2 winches come with a standard winch remote switch which ensures operations from a safe distance winch from where you can anchor your rope with an impressive range of 150 feet.

The viper V2 is compatible with most major ATVs and UTV/Side x sides including a ranger, general, sportsman, maverick, defender, grizzly and more.

Every viper V2 winch is hand-wound, tested, and packaged by Motoalliance before it’s supplied to the market.

For the off-roader who loves aesthetics, the viper V2 has been designed to impress. The Viper V2 is a wonderful choice for discriminating riders who enjoy pushing their vehicles to the extreme.


  • IP67 waterproof rating 
  • Wireless remote system with unique frequency
  • Flush mount dash switch
  • Aluminum hawse fairlead
  • Two-piece line stopper
  • Permanent magnet motor and planetary metal gear train
  • Automatic brake
  • Black clevis winch hook
  • Lifetime limited warranty for winch and 1 year rope warranty


  • Insufficient instruction manual. But the overall installation of this winch is really an easy process. 

02. Viper Elite Winch

Are you planning on taking a winch for your Cam Am, Kawasaki, or Polaris through to unstuck from deep mud? Maybe you hang out with friends that drive a bit crazy out on the trails. It seems like you and your buddies will need a UTV winch to overcome those dangerous situations.

The Viper Elite 4500 lb. The winch is among the greatest side-by-side winches available on the market. The Viper Elite Winch is a great pick due to it has many outstanding and exceptional features that make it a top choice.

The viper elite 4,500 lbs winch is a sturdy and durable winch which have the recognized IP67 waterproof rating. It is an excellent winch for snowplowing and mudding with RZR Turbos since it is made in an ISO/TS 16949 facility with military-grade raw materials.

The VIPER Elite includes stainless-steel hardware, an automated brake, a 1.8 horsepower permanent magnet motor, and a sealed planetary metal gear train. This Elite winch comes complete with a synthetic rope, a wireless remote control, and a waterproof flush mount dash switch.

The Viper Elite winches ensure safety features including a mechanical and dynamic braking system that automatically holds 100% of the winch capacity and reduces the chance of rope creep when power is applied and a sealed solenoid.

Rewiring the winch every time need to disconnect it can be a real pain. That is why Motoalliance designed a quick connect harness for easy installation or uninstall. Plugs are gender-neutral and weather-resistant due to their sealed construction. No of their size, Quick Connect Harnesses are all interchangeable and may be utilized in a variety of ways.


  • IP67 waterproof rating 
  • Wireless remote system with unique frequency
  • Both dynamic braking and mechanical load holding brake including automatic braking system
  • Weather resistant and weatherproof pant
  • Universal mounting plate
  • Clevis winch hook with rubber line stopper
  • Handlebar switch or flush mount dash switch choosing option
  • Whisper quiet greasing system 
  • Waterproof switches
  • Lifetime limited warranty for winch and 1 year rope warranty


  • The price is a little bit high considering the capacity of the winch. 

03. Viper Max Winch

Your UTV and ATV are pretty amazing machines to enjoy the trails, dunes, mud, open road, and off-road ride. Those built for hard work and pleasure. Despite the fast when you get stuck in deep mud while riding or you could find yourself in a jam that time you need a winch to pull your vehicle from danger. Here is the Viper max winch to assist you perfectly. 

The viper max 5,000 lbs winch is available with AmSteel steel cable. This will include a waterproof cover, hand-saver strap, and universal mount plate. It has cabled remote switches, a watertight handlebar rocker, and weatherproof paint.

You will thus get the Viper Max winch for your side-by-side together with all the required hardware and instructions.

The viper max is manufactured in an ISO/TS 16949 quality facility with military grade raw materials and it is a great winch for snowplowing and mudding with ATVs, UTVs, and SxS. 

The viper Max is fully sealed with a composite housing and planetary motor gear train, a permanent magnet motor, and an automatic brake with stainless-steel hardware. 

Some people argue that its instructions process could be better. But all customers are very satisfied with the build quality of this winch as it fits perfectly. The viper max is designed to fit with numerous vehicles so the more specific instructions come with the adapter plate. 


  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Automatic brake system both dynamic and mechanical hand holding
  • Fully sealed composite housing
  • All metal gears and weatherproof paint
  • Flush mount dash switch or a handlebar switch choosing option
  • Roller fairlead with clevis winch hook include a rubber line hook stopper
  • Waterproof switches and waterproof winch cover
  • Universal winch mounting plate
  • Lifetime limited warranty for winch and 6 months rope warranty


  • Short remote control cable.

04. Viper Midnight Winch

Are you afraid of having stuck in a danger with your off-roader and then physically pulling your rig out every single time to get the slightest bit stuck? That time you badly need a perfect win like Viper Midnight which gets you and your vehicle out of danger.

The viper midnight winches have composite housing and all metal gears include an automatic brake with a very sturdy and strong build quality.

It is the top choice for ATV/UTV/Side x Side riders who love getting into and out of deep stuff. With pulling power of up to 4,500 lbs as well as numerous features including fully sealed internal componentry, stainless steel hardware, and a waterproof handlebar switch which makes viper midnight winches tough and dependable when it comes to taking on the elements.


  • Metal gears and composite housing
  • Steel cable or Dyneema synthetic rope
  • Logo hand saver strap and universal winch mount plate
  • Handlebar rocker switch
  • Mechanical load holding with dynamic brake
  • Permanent magnet Motor
  • All necessary hardware and instructions are included
  • Aluminum hawse fairlead with clevis winch hook
  • 1 year winch warranty and 6 months for rope


  • Integrated contactor or solenoid make hindrance to relocate the solenoid or contractor.

Buyer’s Guide Checklist: Buying a Winch

Winch is a very essential piece of equipment for any off-road vehicle and is loved by all off-roaders. Winches come mainly in two types: electric and hydraulic and there are a few things like capacity, size, rope type, pulling power, and the gear ratio, etc to consider when buying a winch. 

Electric Winch: Electrical winches are the most common ones which get power from the vehicle battery and electrical system. Its winches are widely used winch. They are easy to install and typically have larger winding speeds and also come with a remote control system almost with every winch. So you can keep yourself away during a vehicle recovery from the vehicle.

Hydraulic Winch: Hydraulic winches are powered by the vehicle power steering pump which makes it more reliable and not affected by lower battery power or water. It is very common in areas with lots of water or mud. 

As long as the engine is running, you may winch continuously using a hydraulic winch. But additional hydraulic wiring and lines are required for hydraulic winches. Therefore, not all hydraulic winches can be mounted on all types of vehicles.

Winch Capacity: This is a very fast fact to buy a winch to consider the winch manufacturer’s line pull rating which is the combination of the tensile strength of the drum line and the mechanical capacity of the winch. 

The gross vehicle weight (GVW) may be multiplied by 1.5 to determine the minimum line pull rating.

Best winch rating>+ GVWRx1.5

If your car weights 4,000 pounds, choose one that has a minimum 6,000-pound pulling capability.

Winch Rope: Winches come with two different kinds of ropes: steel wire cable and synthetic rope. In general, synthetic ropes are less expensive and easier to handle than steel wire cables. However, they cannot be used for heavy-duty tasks like lifting big objects or pulling up vehicles. Steel wire cables exceed synthetic ropes but are less flexible and more difficult to handle.

Winch Size: If you need to pull heavy loads almost every day then you should buy a larger winch because the smaller the winch the less power it needs, but it can’t pull as much weight. 

Winch Motors: Winches come with two types of DC motors. The first one is series wound motors which use field coils to generate a magnetic field. They are very powerful and expensive too and recommended for heavy-duty and cold-weather use.

Another is permanent magnet motors which are for light to medium-duty work. They are less expensive than the series wound motor and less tolerant of the head which can lose power in extremely cold weather. 

Winch Gear: The gear in practical gear ratio indicates the speed of the winch. The ratio represents hand cranks to drum rotations. A 100:1 ratio means 100 hand cranks to every turn of the line drum.

Remote Control: Winch remote control helps you to control your winch operation from a safe distance. There are mainly two types of remote control: wired and wireless. Make sure a winch has a remote control system before purchasing one. A wireless remote control is always preferable. 

Mounting Option: Another important consideration is the mounting of the winch. Before choosing a winch you need to find out how to mount it.

There are three popular mounting options that you can mount your winch. They are Bumper mount, Multi mount, and winch bumper.

The bumper mount is the simplest option and very easy to install. The multi-mounting system is a bit more complex than the bumper mount and typically less durable because of the mounting host. The winch bumper mounting system is becoming more popular among enthusiastic off-roaders.

Cable Length: When choosing your winch you must pay attention to select the winch cable length. Generally, most of the winch comes with 60-100 ft cable. It is good not to choose very long or short cables rather choose an average size.

Waterproofing: Off-road vehicles have to face a lot of harsh situations. So one should choose a winch that comes with a rated or sealed waterproof motor housing. And it is better to choose the same on the gear trains.

Vehicle Type: Different winch manufactured for different types of vehicles. So it is very important to analyze the vehicle and then choose the winch. An unusual vehicle design may create trouble in mounting the winch to your vehicle.  

Budget: Winches can be expensive and there are numerous different products available in the market in many different price ranges. So make sure that you set a budget before looking at any models considering your demand and necessity. 

One final piece of advice is to get the heaviest-duty winch that your money will allow. If you just sometimes use a winch, a lighter-duty type could be sufficient; however, if you want to use it frequently, be sure to choose a heavy-duty model.


Who makes Viper winch?

Motoalliance makes viper winch which is renowned for producing high-capable products at an affordable price with tremendous power, performance, and dependability over the past 18 years. .

Are Viper winches waterproof?

Viper winches are sealed with an IP67 waterproof rating, manufactured in an ISO/TS 16949 facility, and constructed from top-quality military-grade raw materials.

Where is MotoAlliance located?

Motoalliance is located in the north metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota start producing top-quality winches since 2004 and distributing them across the United States and Canada. 

Final Thoughts

All 4 Viper winches are reviewed here to the standard on the top, featuring several innovative and user-friendly designs on the market of each winch to help you decide which one is best for you.

The most important thing to consider when buying a winch is its capacity or load rating. It can handle heavy loads without any issues and save lots of time and effort if it has enough capacity.

MotoAlliance Viper covers up all features for an off-roader enthusiast so you may pick up any of these winches mentioned above beyond any doubt. Cheers to off-roading!

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