Superwinch Vs Warn: (In-Depth Comparison of 2024)

Choosing a winch can feel exhausting. The winch market is huge and there are a myriad of brands you will encounter. Finding the right one is a hard task, indeed. 

There are plenty of features and components you need to research, considering the off-road activities you will be performing. In case you are confused about which brand to go for superwinch vs warn then you are in the right place. 

In this guide we will be comparing two giants of the winch market: Superwinch Vs Warn.

Let’s get started…  

Brief Overview Of Superwinch Winch

Superwinch is a company that’s been in business for more than 45 years. It specializes in making winches that are durable, long-lasting and made of high quality components. 

The company has built a strong foundation and reputation as a leading manufacturer of winches and other industrial equipment. Year after year, Superwinch has been recognized for their industry-leading products. 

You can find a wide range of products suitable for different types of vehicles and durable enough to handle tough recoveries.

Brief Overview Of Warn Winch

Warn is renowned for durability and high quality. They are a leading manufacturer of winches with a wide range of models to suit all different types of use.

Warn has been manufacturing electric winch for jeep, Trucks, ATV’s and UTV’s since 1948 and continues to produce some of the finest products on the market today. 

Their products are designed to meet off-roaders’ needs and are known to provide years of dependable service.

Superwinch Vs Warn

Winching is a great way to get around, but it can be expensive. So you want to get the best value for your money. 

Today we’ve got two of the most popular winch brands: Superwinch vs Warn to compare for you. 

Let’s look at the chart below for a brief idea and then we’ll dive deeper into the comparison. 

Manufactured inUSA (Except VR series)USA
Winch Capacity750lbs – 30000lbs1500lb -18000lb
Rope TypeSynthetic / SteelSynthetic / Steel
Wireless RemoteAvailableAvailable
Warranty7-yearsDuration Varies Model Wise

Country of Origin


The headquarters of Warn Industries is in the Portland suburb of Clackamas, Oregon. The non-VR winches from Warn are assembled in Oregon using globally sourced parts. 

They still make significant components of their winches, including the machining of casings and gears, in the Oregon facility and produced the whole Warn VR series in China.


Westin Automotive an aftermarket product manufacturer is currently the designer and manufacturer of superwinch products. These products are engineered in the westin headquarters at San Dimas, California.

Winch Capacity


Winches from Warn Industries come in several different styles and capabilities, with weight capacities ranging from 750 pounds to 30,000 pounds. These winches can be used for ATVs, UTVs, Trucks, Jeeps, trailers and many more.


They have a wide range of collections for various applications. You can find winches with pulling capacity ranging from 1500 pounds – 18000 pounds for Truck and Jeep, Utility and Trailer Applications. 

Wireless remote


They don’t provide the wireless remote with the package. If you want to use the wireless remote you would need to buy the warn wireless system


The superwinch wireless remote kit can help you control your winch from 50ft away. It can be configured with any 12V model from the superwinch lineup.



All of the winches from ZEON, ZEON Platinum and VR EVO as well as the powersports winches from AXON and VRX are IP68 waterproof and can be submerged without worrying about water ingress.


Not all of the units from superwinch are waterproof. The winches from SX series are waterproof and rated IP68.



The winches from Warn are a little bit expensive when compared to other brands. A Warn atv winch with 2500lbs-5500lbs capacity will cost around $300-$750. Again if you are looking for higher capacity such as 8000lbs-16000lbs it can cost you around $900-$2500 depending upon the model of the warn winch lineup.


The utility vehicles and trailer winches of capacity 1000 lb to 5000 lb superwinch will cost around $140-$750. Winches with a pulling capacity of 5500 lb to 7500 lb will cost you around $650-$800. For trucks and jeeps winches with rated pull capacity of 7500lbs-12500lbs cost around $552-$1300. 



Warn provides warranties for their products. As of 11/1/2016, warn will provide 7 years of warranty on electrical components for purchases made after November 1, 2016. You may Click Here to check the duration and details of the provided warranties for different series of warn winches.


The Superwinch warranty varies depending on the product you will buy. You may check with the vendor or visit this page to find out more about the warranty policy.

What to look for while buying a Winch?

1. Winch Motor

Permanent Magnet Motor: 

  • Drains the battery less compared to series wound motors. 
  • Better suited are suited for light and medium duty winching. 
  • Generate more heat as a result overheats easily.
  • Not recommended for lifting heavy objects.

Series Wound Motors:

  • Requires more current supply.
  • Efficient and faster operation.
  • Recommended for heavy duty winching.
  • More expensive compared to permanent magnet motors.

2. Gear Type

Planetary Gear:

  • Efficiency 65%.
  • Tends to free spool.
  • A braking system is required.
  • Popular and cost effective.
  • Moderate amperage draw.
  • Accumulates heat.

Worm Gear:

  • Efficiency 35-40%.
  • Greater endurance.
  • Self-braking ability.
  • Requires Clutch mechanism for free spooling.
  • Reduced line speed.
  • Better for industrial winches.

Spur Gear:

  • Efficiency 75%
  • Tends to free spool 
  • A braking system is required.
  • Faster line speed.

3. Winch Drum Size

The pulling capacity and line speed are significantly impacted by the drum diameter. In comparison, a wider drum is better because the wire spools up faster in smaller drums and loses its pulling capacity more quickly.

4. Two or Four Solenoids

2 solenoid configuration:

  • Found in permanent magnet motor winches
  • Less Powerful and cheaper

4 solenoid configuration:

  • Found in series wound motor winches.
  • Stronger and reliable.

5. Cable Type

Synthetic cable:

  • Lighter and easier to handle (Approximately 8 times lighter than steel cable).
  • Energy dispurses if cable breaks.
  • Will Not Rust.
  • More Expensive.
  • Holds Moisture (Risks of rusting the drum).
  • More prone to abrasion, Burs and Frays.
  • Less Durable than Steel Cable.

Steel/Wire cable:

  • Heavier (hard to handle).
  • Better durability.
  • Priced Cheaper.
  • Stronger compared to synthetic cable.
  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • Rust and fray.
  • Potential Injury (If snaps it comes back at high speed as it stores potential energy).

Which One Is For You?

Warn is probably the oldest brand and also the most reliable one in the winch industry. Since 1948 they have been producing high quality winch and winching accessories for a wide range of uses starting from trailer and utility vehicle winches to truck recovery and industrial winches. 

They offer an expensive winch lineup but never compromise on the quality of their products. So if you are willing to spend a little more than what other brands on the market offer then warn is definitely a go. The customer service is also great and the user base is huge.

However, Superwinch is also very popular in the winch market. Offering a wide selection of winches you can find depending on your application their winches are comparatively more affordable than Warn

The quality of their winches is great and you will find a fair amount of reviews on the internet supporting this brand.   


Is Superwinch waterproof?

Ans: The SX series winches from superwinch are IP68 rated dustproof and waterproof.

Where is Superwinch made?

Ans: Manufactured by Westin Automotives an aftermarket product manufacturer in San Dimas, California, USA.

Are Warn winches waterproof?

Ans: Yes, the winches from ZEON, ZEON Platinum and VR EVO as well as the powersports winches from AXON and VRX are IP68 waterproof.

What is the strongest WARN winch?

Ans: The Warn 16.5TI thermometric winch is the highest capacity, most technologically advanced truck winch in the industry today.

How much do WARN winches cost?

Ans: Warn winches are more expensive compared to the competitors on the market. Their winches can cost starting from $300 up to $2500 depending on the pulling capacity and different series of winches. 

Final Thoughts

Superwinch and Warn are two of the biggest names in winching, with extensive product lines and well earned credibility. We’re pretty confident that both of these winches will do the job. They have their differences but both have proven themselves to be high-quality winches. 

Whether you’re putting your foot down for the first time or you’ve earned your stripes as an off-road pro, either brand is sure to meet your needs. We hope this article can help you decide on the Warn vs Superwinch

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