Superwinch vs Smittybilt: All in One

Today’s market is full of different kinds of winch manufacturers out there with speculations and debates surrounding them. Finding the best winch is not always an easy task. Two of the well-known and reasonably priced brands among them are Superwinch and Smittybilt.

Thus, in order to help you choose a winch wisely, we’ll compare and contrast these two brands in this article: Superwinch vs. Smittybilt.

Let’s prosecute them.

Overview Of Superwinch

Superwinch is a comparatively new company. Westin (the company’s owner), who started by buying winch parts from some Ford engineers, subsequently made the decision to go into business for himself.

Superwinch winches have proven to be dependable and inexpensive winches for more than 45 years. Consequently, they are in high demand for their affordable price range in the market right now.

In San Dimas, California, Superwinch winches are made. They were a well-known manufacturer of winches that went out of business in 2019. Westin Automotive Products has since purchased all of their operations and assets.

Pros of Superwinch

  • Effective, Dependable, Quiet
  • Simple installation
  • Rocker switches may be installed on handlebars
  • Very little upkeep is necessary
  • May be applied to a variety of automobiles

Cons of Superwinch

  • To install this to your car, you might need to purchase a certain mounting plate.
  • No winch cover is included.

Overview of Smittybilt

Basil Smith, commonly known as “Smitty,” established a small machine business in his garage in 1956. Later, Tom Smith, Smitty’s son, collaborated with his father to create the “Smittybilt.” Few companies in the off-road sector can beat Smittybilt’s legacy. Customers have trusted Smittybilt for more than 65 years when they need dependable, useful accessories for their Jeeps, Trucks, and SUVs to conquer the great outdoors.

Smittybilt winches are made in China but the company’s headquarters are in the United State. The winches are designed and engineered in the US, but production occurs in China.

Pros of Smittybilt

  • Sealed to keep out dirt and water
  • Easy to re-spool cable or rope
  • Fast line speeds
  • Easy to install
  • Can be used on many different types of vehicles
  • They allow to speed up work processes, saving a lot of time.
  • Smittybilt Winch offers great durability.

Cons of Smittybilt

  • Does not come with the mounting plate
  • Mounting hardware is not of the highest quality

Smittybilt vs Warn Comparison

Our comparison is separated into two sections. We’ll start by making a broad comparison between Superwinch and Smittybilt winches. Later, we’ll choose a particular model from each brand and contrast them.

This will give you a more complete understanding of the brands and products, in our opinion.

Features SuperwinchSmittybilt
Manufacture PlaceSan Dimas, CaliforniaChina
Winch capacities1000 lb to 18,000 lbs9,500 lb to 17,500 lbs
Remote TypeWireless and sealed wired handheldBoth wired and wireless
Motore TypeSeries WoundAmphibious motor
Cable TypeSynthetic Rope & SteelSynthetic Rope & Steel
Warranty1-7 years5 years & extended warranties

Manufacture Place

Superwinch: Superwinches are manufactured in San Dimas, California.

Smittybilt: Smittybilt winches are mainly made in China but designed and engineered in the United State. 

Winch Capacity

Superwinch: There are various different pulling capabilities for superwinch. These winches can be used for ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, Trucks and many more.

Smittybilt: There is a wide selection of high-quality winches for trucks and trailers, ATVs, and UTVs from Smittybilt winch lineup. Smittybilt’s XRC Series winches have capacities ranging up to 17,500 lbs, making them capable of handling any circumstance.

Remote Type

Superwinch: Superwinch provides wireless handheld remotes and sealed wired handheld remotes up to 12 ft long cord.

Smittybilt: Both wired and wireless controls are available with the Smittybilt winch. Bluetooth connectivity is used by wireless controlling systems when using a remote.

Winch Rope

Both brands provide synthetic and steel-type ropes with different models of their winch. Steel cables are more durable than synthetic rope and very ideal to use abrasive terrains like mud, sand, and rock. But need a gloved hand before using them.

Synthetic cables are lighter, more flexible and pretty low weight and easy to handle. And can repair when Synthetic rope breaks.  


Superwinch: Superwinch gives a limited lifetime mechanical warranty with 7 Year limited electrical warranty. You may check here for details about their warranty policy.

Smittybilt: Smittybilt gives a 5-year electrical warranty with extended warranties. You may get details about their terms and conditions for warranty by clicking here.


Superwinch: The Superwinch winches are a little expensive compared to Smittybilt. Depending on the model and the capacity of winch their price ranges from $120-$1350.

Smittybilt: Smittybilt’s winches are often cheaper. All models are available at somewhere between $120 to $1,000.

For comparison with the Smittybilt winch(Smittybilt XRC GEN2), we picked a Superwinch winch(Superwinch TS 9500) which is comparably priced nearby.


ModelsSuperwinch TS 9500Smittybilt XRC GEN2
MotorSealed 5.2 HP Series Wound6.6hp Series Wound
Capacity9,500 lbs (4309 kgs)9,500 lbs (4309 kgs)
Cable TypeSteel Wire 21/64 in x 95ft (8.3mm x 29m)Steel wire
Weight90 lbs (41kg)78.0 lbs (35.0 k)
Gear Ratio218:1161.28:1
Remote TypeSealed Hand-held with 12ft cordRemote Switch, 12′ (3.7m) lead
WaterproofnessWaterproofIP67 Rating

Which One Should You Buy

So, between the Superwinch winch and the Smittybilt winch, which should you purchase? Depending on the characteristics you might require and the amount of money you wish to pay. The choice is up to your budget because they are both highly effective at what they do.

Without a question, Superwinch winches are preferable in every situation. Choose Smittybilt for a little less expensive unit. The Superwinch winch is what you require if you want a superior and ultimately more expensive piece of equipment.


How much does a SmittyBilt winch weight?

Ans: Smittybilt winch weight range varies from 18 lbs to 95 lbs depending on different models and series of their winch.

Does Smittybilt winch come with a hook?

Ans: yes, it always comes with a very durable, sturdy, heavy-build hook.

Is SmittyBilt made in China?

Ans: Smittybilt winches are made in China but designed in the US.

How many amps does a Smittybilt winch draw?

Ans: A minimum of 435 cold-cranking amps Smittybilt winch draw. But it varies depending upon pulling capacity.

Who bought out Superwinch?

Ans: Kinderhook Industries buys Superwinch winch.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous manufacturers available on market. Finding a reliable brand with excellent features at a reasonable price is challenging. We analyzed the key characteristics of Superwinch and Smittybilt in the hopes that it would assist you in selecting the best option for your needs.

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