Superwinch Sx vs Warn Evo: Everything to Know

Superwinch and Warn, two well-known and reasonably priced brands manufactured many winches with different features. Among them Superwinch Sx series and Warn Evo series to provide the most powerful winch. Finding the best winch is not always an easy task.

In this article, we’ll compare and contrast these two newly launched winch series: Superwinch Sx vs Warn Evo.

Let’s explore them.

Superwinch SX Series

The Superwinch SX Series winch is designed to offer customers the optimum balance of strength, speed, innovation, and tested performance they need. While providing an inexpensive and fashionable design with many class-leading features not seen in other high-performance winches, SX Series winches surpass the most exacting criteria of today’s contemporary cars.

The new SX Series is made to last and offers 10,000 (SX10 & SX10SR) or 12,000 (SX12 & SX12SR) lbs. of sheer pulling force. This winch has it all, including an IP68 designation for dustproof and waterproof operation and a sturdy metallic graphite powder-coated finish.

Pros of Sx series

  • Effective, Dependable, Quiet
  • Simple installation
  • Rocker switches may be installed on handlebars
  • Very little upkeep is necessary
  • May be applied to a variety of automobiles

Cons of Sx Series

  • The motor may overheat more quickly if the seals are tighter.
  • No winch cover is included.

Warn Evo Series

Warn is a leading winch manufacturer with a wide range of models to suit all different types of use. Since 1948, Warn has been producing electric winches for Jeeps, Trucks, ATVs, and UTVs, and they continue to make some of the best products on the market right now.

The new Warn VR Evo winches are the hardest-working standard-duty winches they’ve ever produced, with the lowest amp draw and fastest line speed under load in their most recent lineup Warn Evo. The VR Evo winch series includes their renowned dependability, waterproof design with an IP68 rating, and a dual-purpose corded/wireless remote.

Pros of Evo Series

  • Tough winch at a reasonable cost
  • Designed to withstand unfavorable use and situations
  • There is no need to install hydraulics in an existing car.
  • Remote control winch operation
  • Compared to steel cables, synthetic rope is stronger and lighter.
  • May tie synthetic rope, it floats in water

Cons of Evo Series

  • Does not come with the mounting plate
  • Does not come with a winch cover

Superwinch SX vs Warn Evo

Although winching is a fantastic kind of transportation, it may be pricey. Consequently, you want to get the most value for your money.

Superwinch and Warn are two of the most well-known winch manufacturers that we will be comparing for you today.

Let’s check them out.

Winch Capacity

Superwinch: Superwinch launched four different models in this Sx series with pulling capacities ranging from 10,000 lb to 12,000 lbs. This series of winches can be used for UTVs, ATVs, Jeeps, Trucks and many more.

Warn: Warn Evo series winches come in six different styles with weight capacities ranging from 8000 lbs to 12,000 lbs. for different types of users giving an outstanding off-road riding experience.

Wireless remote

Superwinch: You can operate your winch from 50 feet afar with the help of the Superwinch wireless remote kit. Any 12V Superwinch model is configurable for use with it.

Warn: Warn winch provides the 2 in 1 plug-in remote with wireless capability which gives a superb wireless winch controlling experience.


Superwinch: Superwinch Sx series are IP68-rated waterproof which ensures hassle-free off-road riding in muddy conditions and rescues you from extremely bad weather when you get stuck.

Warn: Warn VR Evo is also IP68 waterproof and can be submerged without worrying about water ingress which prevents corrosion, electrical malfunctions, and loss of lubrication of the winch.


Superwinch: Costs for Superwinch Sx series range from $600-$800 which is a mid-level budget-friendly winch with high-level capacity and performance. 

Warn: When compared to other brands, Warn winches always cost a little bit more. But the Warn Evo series is somehow get-at-able. Its Evo series cost around $590-$890.

                                       Superwinch Sx 10SR                               Warn VR Evo 10-S

FeaturesSuperwinch Sx 10SRWarn VR Evo 10-S
Motor5.5 HP sealed motorSeries-wound motor
Capacity10,000 lbs (4535.9 kg)10,000 lbs
Cable TypeSynthetic 3/8in x 80ft (9.5mm x 24.4m)Synthetic/Steel
Weight‎61 pounds‎66 pounds
Gear Ratio218:1218:1
Remote TypeWireless Handheld and Sealed wired handheld with 12ft cord2 in 1 plug-in remote with wireless capability
WaterproofnessIP68-rated waterproofIP68-Rated Waterproof
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Mechanical, 7 Year Limited ElectricalLimited Lifetime Mechanical, 7 Year Limited Electrical


Is warn Evo waterproof?

Ans: Warn Evo winches are IP68-rated waterproof.

Is Superwinch waterproof?

Ans: Superwinch winches are IP68-rated waterproof and dustproof.

Where is Superwinch SX made?

Ans: Superwinch SX is made in the USA.

Final Thoughts

Both Superwinc vs Warn, Sx, and Evo series is very popular in the winch market and do not compromise on the quality of their products. Warn Evo series is less expensive than Superwinch Sx series but provides great customer service and the user base is huge.

But also Superwinch is very popular in the winch market. So you can find the best one depending on your application in between Superwinch Sx and Warn Evo series. 

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