How To Use A Winch Strap: 5 Simple Steps 

You can think about a winch strap when you need to secure your cargo. It is a kind of tool that can tighten the load and keep it together. A winch strap is a handy gear for goods loading utility purposes. This tool is suitable for hoisting, hauling, or lifting heavy loads. 

However, you have to know how to use a winch strap if you want to use them properly. Using a winch strap properly can also work as your recovery tool when stuck. The significance of it is huge as long as you work with heavy loads. 

In this article, we will help you know how a winch strap works, how you can use a it, how to put a it on a boat trailer, and many more. So, it will be an easier task for you to use this tool to lessen your everyday workload from a different perspective.

How Does A Winch Strap Work?

A winch strap comes with a non-metallic plate so that you can grab the winch cable safely. The cables of the winch strap are attached to the load you want to lift, hoist, or haul. It turns the spool right after you turn the motor on. The cable gets back towards the vehicle and takes the items along for the ride. 

Not only that, it wraps the entire load lengthwise and tightens to secure the load. It works in an outstanding way to help you do your loading and unloading job perfectly.

What is The Strap on A Winch For 

The strap on a winch has its own specific function. It is required on a winch to keep your fingers and hands out of the danger zone. Straps normally slip onto the winch cable when you open the gate. But, the straps sometimes function their way off the hook. On a winch, a strap is worth it to make the total loading or unloading functions safe and secure. 

How To Use? 

Using a winch strap is simple and trouble-free. But before you go to use the winch strap, you should have good knowledge about the strap attachment procedure on a winch.

So, how do you attach a winch strap to a winch? Well, the strap is always held by the central bolt.  So, your first job is to loosen the central bolt and remove it. You can clean it if necessary. 

Now install the hook and insert the central bolt. Tighten the bolt and wrap your strap into the winch. You can use a crank here. Be sure, the strap fits flat and does not wrinkle.

You can spray a little amount of lubricant to make the way smoother. So, this is how you can attach a winch strap to a winch. 

Steps to Use a Winch Strap

Following the 5 simple steps, you can use the winch strap. Here’s how-

Step-1: Spool the Winch

It is very important to let the winch spools simply which will allow you to get the winch strap out freely. 

Step-2: Wrap Perfectly the Winch

You have to ensure this tool isn’t twisting badly. Therefore, you can wrap it according to its total length considering the load around it. Straighten the winch strap to prevent twisting.

Step-3: Anchor Accurately

If the winch strap doesn’t twist, you can anchor it. Look for an anchoring spot and let the winch strap hold onto it. Make sure the anchoring point is perfect for the winch strap to hold. 

Step-4: Lock the Winch 

At this point, you have to lock and secure the winch so that it stops spooling trouble-free. 

Step-5: Tighten the Winch 

It is the very last step where you need to tighten the winch. Double check you’ve tightened it perfectly. 

Besides these steps, for practical visualization watch the ABC of winch strap on YouTube.

How to use PWC Winch Strap?

The use procedure of all types of winch straps is almost the same. But in the case of PWC, you’ll have to include a little more. For example, it requires you to include a nylon hook so that you can use the winch strap perfectly while attaching it to the PWC bow.

How To Use A Winch Extension Strap?

You can use a winch extension strap as a tow strap. Using this extension strap is pretty easy. All you need to do is to connect the winch extension to the anchor point at its one end. Also, connect the winch extension to the other end of the winch cable. Be careful, the power is not brought so fast.

So, when you intend to extend the length of your winch cable, you can check out ARB ARB725LB Winch Extension Strap which has 17600 lbs capacity in total.

How To Put A Winch Strap on A Boat Trailer?

You need a wrench and a socket to put the winch strap on your boat trailer. Disconnect the winch gear and strap bolt. Now, attach the winch strap and connect the winch strap bolt. Tighten the bolt properly and reconnect the winch gear and straps. You’re Done!


Can you use a ratchet strap as a winch strap?

Yes, you can! Because the purpose of both the ratchet strap and the winch strap is the same.

Can I replace a winch strap?

Yes, you can replace a winch strap when it becomes old and unusable. 

Can you put a strap on a cable winch?

Well, not all the straps are suitable to put on a cable winch. In that case, you’ve to check whether it’s a good one to suit before putting a strap on a cable winch.

How often should you replace a boat winch strap?

Typically, if you see the first 2 feet of your winch strap become frayed, you should replace it. 

How do you replace a winch cable with a strap?

You can replace a winch cable with a strap following the given steps below-
1. Detach the hook of the winch and pull off the fairlead
2. Turn the motor off and prevent the previous cable
3. Find out the fairlead and winch drum 
4. Replace the new winch cable

Final Thoughts

A winch strap is really an excellent tool to secure your heavy load. Because it is the easiest gear to haul or unload heavy items with 99% safety. But, knowing how to use a winch strap is a vital issue for everyone. 

Many of the users get stuck on the usage procedure of the winch straps. And, this is why we’ve prepared this article. Hopefully, our efforts have come in handy for you.

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Ricardo Vaughn

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