How to Mount Hand Winch on Utility Trailer: Tips and Tricks

The importance of winch is out of the world; if you’re an off-roader. They’re used for multiple purposes like for self-recovery when it’s stuck, for hosting/hauling materials, and most importantly, for pulling any boat or car in the trailer!

But wait, are you thinking about the installing process of the winch? Well, this headache of yours will be forever gone once you know how to mount hand winch on utility trailer properly.

You can mount the winch by hiring a technician, but it’ll be pricey. We prefer doing it on your own, and that’s why here we’ve got bundles of information to make the task easier!

Note that, without any advanced experience, by reading our article, you’ll be able to mount the winch super smoothly on your utility trailer.

Tools You Need to Start the Work

Always remember that the prep work or prep tools are the most important thing to consider. If these things are right, half the work will be done.

Here’re some tools you need to gather to start mounting your winch.

  • Hand Winch: You need a great winch that’s durable, reliable, lightweight and long-lasting.
  • Winch Kit: The winch kit comes with the necessary equipment you’ll need to proceed with the task.
  • Tape Measure: Measuring the right amount is very much important to get an accurate outcome.
  • Drill: A heavy-duty drill is obligatory to keep with. 
  • Marker: Again, the marker will help to trace the measurement correct.
  • Ratchet Set: You should’ve a ratchet set for any mechanical work like this. This set is usually used to tighten or loosen the fasteners like nuts and bolts.
  • ⅜in bolt: The bolts should be inch as they’ll fit perfectly to mount the hand winch

Make sure you have all these gadgets with you so that you don’t have to stop the work in the middle. That way, the task will take less time!

Safety Guidelines to Keep Yourself Safe

Now that you’ve gathered all the required tools, be careful about them, as these tools can be dangerous to use sometimes. 

On the other hand, the safety purpose is fundamental to follow. Below we gave some of the guidelines for your utmost security.

1. Keep the Zone clean

Authenticate that the area you’re working in is neat and clean. The reason behind this is, the dirty environment can cause distraction, and there might be some object lying in the ground that could cause hazards.

Moreover, you might stumble over some tools if they’re not kept in a proper place.

2. Wear Gloves

To protect your hands while working on installing a winch is vital. In the winch cables, there might be metal splinters that can cause harm to your hands. 

Also, the work process is quite tough; thus, wearing gloves will make sure your natural moisture of hands is not slipped away.

Besides, to avoid any type of unwanted accidents, be sure to put on some good-quality gloves on your hands.

3. Put on Tight Clothing

You know, winches are designed to pull and push the stuck car or boat. If you wear loose clothing in that situation, they can get tucked in with the winch’s moving parts and can cause serious injury to your body.

So, make sure your cloth isn’t loose and they cover all of your body parts superbly!

How to Mount Hand Winch on Utility Trailer

After doing all the prep work and maintaining the safety guidelines, it’s time to get into the actual work. There’re some steps you need to follow for secured mounting!

Pick the Correct Winch

Well, the right winch will make your installing process more pleasant. Before purchasing one, confirm that it has all the basic specifications and the high-rated capacity you need for the mounting session.

If you have the wrong winch, they may not fit the utility trailer, may not carry the highest weight, or may not be able to last longer. So it’s better to get a winch that’s of the same model as your trailer.


For this, you need a tape measure and a marker. Use the tape measure so you can find your trailer’s front center section, where you’ll install the winch.

After that, mark that area with a marker because the winch will be mounted here later on.

Mounting Plate

The winch you purchased should have a mounting plate with it because it’s usually a place where your winch will be fitted properly. If not, buy a separate plate that can easily withstand the winch’s capacity.

Now, put the plate in the marked place you’ve traced before in the measurement section. Detect the outline of the mounting plate and mark the holes there too.

Drill the Holes

It’s the fun part here. 

In the trailer, start drilling the holes you’ve just marked. Place your hand winch in the same spot so that the holes of the winch and the trailer winch line up together.

If you have anyone with you who’s assisting, ask them to hold the winch properly to have the best result.

Attach the Mounting Template

After all the drilling sessions, now it’s time to connect the template to your utility trailer. Fix the bolts in the holes you’ve drilled in the two previous parts. 

Make sure to screw them tightly and properly with nuts and bolts. Remember about the ratchet set we’ve mentioned before? You’ll find the screws there!

Drill Other Hole

You need to have another hole to insert the wires for the charging purpose. Drill one more time and connect the winch to your utility trailer battery.

The winch kit will already have rubber to wrap them around the new hole. Wrap it decently and run the wires through it. Easy! 

Mount the Hand Winch

Lastly, install your hand winch to the winch mount and fix them firmly. You’ve to connect the red wire to the positive post and the black wire to the negative post!

Your mounting a winch process is all done.

Get expert tips on mounting winch at utility trailer in this engaging video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to winch a mounting plate first for my winch?

The most obvious thing when you’re trying to mount a winch is to mount a plate first. Without the mounting plate, your winch won’t be fitted to your trailer. For that, you’ve to remove the bumper of the vehicle fully and then install both the winches and template!

Are winch mounts universal?

Sadly, no. As you know, there’re different types of vehicles and winches, and the brands tend to make them in a different way. Winch mounts are mainly available from the accessory manufacturer, the vehicle manufacturer, or winch manufacturers. You may not find universal mounts for these varieties!

Do winches have any standard bolt pattern?

Well, most of the winches follow a standard bolt pattern, and that’s around 10.00 X 4.50”. The main difference between them is mostly about if they’re offset winch or centered winch. But some winches have both options too!

How do you charge a winch battery?

You’ve to keep the winch battery charged to work without any interference. To have the best charge for a long time, try to use a 120V battery charger. They’re great for trailer winches.

Can my car battery be used to power the winch?

Absolutely, why not? If you’re in a situation where your winch battery is running off, simply charge the winch from your car or truck battery, and it’ll last for pretty long.

Final Verdict

We hope this article helped you on finding how to mount hand winch on utility trailer incredibly. Without a perfect winch mounting, no vehicle would be able to carry maximum weight for a long time. The winch may stop working or detach from the place thus the correct installing should be done. 

Just try to find the correct hand winch and follow these processes line by line to get accurate installing results. It’d be a fun and enthralling task to do for sure!

Ricardo Vaughn
Ricardo Vaughn

Vaughn is a seasoned off-roading expert and professional winch specialist. When he's not out on the trails, he shares his knowledge and experiences through his writing as a blog author in the off-roading and outdoor lifestyle space.

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