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How to Make A Winch From A Starter Motor in 3 Easy & Effective Steps

You don’t want your first-year trip to be ruined in a muddy trap, do you? The swampy muddle halting your joy trip will be a tragedy!  This type of scenario is a friendly reminder for many people. Things can get more manageable with a winch by your side. You can find them in the super […]

How To Make A Winch Ground Anchor [Step-By-Step Process]

While driving along, did your car’s wheel ever fall in a hole? In that situation, what is the best possible solution you find? That’s where an anchor comes into the picture if there’s no one around to help you. Well, now that you’ve already got to know how important an anchor is. So it’s always […]

How to Test a Winch Motor: The Ways You Didn’t Know About

Assume you’re traveling in your car at night and suddenly your chubby tire got stuck in sticky mud or slit broken road. You keep trying to start your winch motor, but it totally winds up! Imagine how dreadful it’d be at that moment. If you’d test your winch motor before leaving, you might not stick […]

How to Wire a Winch on a Trailer Like An Expert

If you’re stuck in a situation where you’ve to lift, raise or pull your vehicle, then a winch is the best option, hands down. They’re definitely helpful for self-recovery and to pull heavy burdens. Well, the winches come with multiple models for different jobs. For example, some winches are installed in the trailers, and some […]

How To Cut Winch Cable

How To Cut Winch Cable: User’s Guide

Wire rope or cable is the most important part of a winch which is used for the aid of recovering a vehicle when it becomes stuck in sand or mud. The winch cable is often made of synthetic rope or steel and tends to fray. In such a case it might need to be cut […]

How To Keep Accessory Mode On

How To Keep Accessory Mode On: Lever Lose Power

Accessory mode is a popular feature in cars that allows drivers to use electrical components like the radio or air conditioning without starting the engine.  However, this feature can sometimes be frustrating when it automatically turns off after a certain period, leaving you without power for your devices or entertainment.  In this article, we’ll share […]

How To Wire A Winch With A Toggle Switch? – Step By Step Guide

If you’re struggling to connect a winch using a toggle switch, don’t worry! I’m here to teach you how. But before we dive into the details, Here’s how to wire a winch with a toggle switch in four simple steps: Stick around as I’ll be delving into the convenience and advantages of using a toggle […]