How to Get a Winch to Spool Evenly: Explained Precisely

A winch is a must-have while you’re driving offroad. It also transports heavy items from one location to another. Yet, in most cases, winches are highly needed when your vehicle gets stuck in a pit. It helps you spool efficiently. 

But when you’re spooling your vehicle through a winch, it’s also important to spool it evenly. Uneven spooling can cause severe damage not only to your truck but also to people around the winch. 

So, if you’re to spool perfectly, you need to understand how to get a winch spool evenly. It’s an easy task to do and a few steps to follow. Let’s take a look. 

How To Get A Winch Spool Evenly: 3 Easy Steps

Getting a winch spooling evenly is not a big deal. Yet the procedures require full attention and precautions. Here’s how you can get a winch spool evenly with 3 easy steps. 

Step -1: Spool The Entire Rope While Spooling

The first step of winching is to spool the rope. You can spool it from where it’s uneven though it’s always safe to spool it entirely. 

You can use a remote controller if your winch works well with it. Even a toggle switch can get the job done. 

Now the primary job is here to disengage the clutch lever. You can find the clutch lever beside the drum if you’re using a modern winch. It offers free spooling mode while winching. An accessible spooling mode lets you spool free in any direction. 

While pulling the winch line, make sure you don’t pile it in front of the winch. You’ve to pull it straight away from the winch machine. It’ll avoid troubles during spooling. 

Step – 2: Activate The Winch

Now, it’s time to activate the winch. A remote-controlled winch can be more beneficial here. With a remote, the job becomes time efficient and effortless. 

Before you activate the winch, you’ve to lock the winch drum. To do this, set the clutch lever with the controller you have. Then, you’ll be ready for spooling. 

Step -3: Pull Back Winch Cable 

While pulling the cable back to the drum, you’ll need another pair of hands. You have to use the remote and the winch simultaneously. 

Make sure you wear your safety gloves and pull the winch cable slowly. Keep the entire cable in a straight line on the ground. Ensure you’re keeping it tight. Don’t overlap until a layer covers the whole drum. 

Give tension in a semi-tight position and grab the cable by your palm. Tell the other person to pool the cable slowly. Starting from one side to another, keep guiding the cable to the winch drum.  

Once you’re done, double-check the rope if it’s adequately spooled on the drum. It’ll let you take advantage of the winch drum’s area and friction. Spooling a winch is as simple as that. 

Things To Be Careful About While Winching 

The winch machine is such a powerful thing to handle. Its wires are also very rugged and made of steel. If you’re careless while operating one, you’ll get hurt before blinking twice. Here are the things you should remember while winching. 

  • Safety Factors 

Attempting to spool out the winch with your bare hands can lead to severe damage. A pair of safety gloves is recommended while working with firm grips. It’s better to put heavy-duty safety gloves throughout the winching. 

For a single person, evenly spooling the winch can be a complicated process. So, if possible, take the support of an assistant. 

  • Don’t Put Extra Tension

Most of the winching trouble occurs when you put out extra tension. Both steel and synthetic cable users must keep the tension on the line. Just two hands and a little body weight are enough for the process. 

  • Be Focused 

It takes no particular expertise to spool out a winch. You can do it by yourself as the process is so simple. However, it needs your total concentration and focus. 

While spooling in the winch cable, pay close attention. The wires may overlap due to a lack of awareness and cause you trouble. 

Best Affordable Winch You Can Buy Right Now 

There are numerous winches in the market, though, but not all offers the same quality. To get you the worthy one, here we’ve made a shortlist of effective winches. You can get them from here at an affordable cost. 

WARN 92000 2000 Series 

Warn 92000 2000 series comes with a compact design and 2000 pounds pooling capacity. The motor it features has 1.6 Horsepower. It has a 35 feet cable with a clasp and hooks for efficient winching. 

You can operate this machine in tight spaces. A wired remote, clasp, and hook are also free with this machine. With its lightweight and small design, it takes zero labor and time to install. 

Key Features

●      Motor: 1.5 horsepower.

●      Cable: 35 feet.

●      Capacity: 2000 pounds.

●      Item weight: 19.4 pounds.

●      Volts: 12. 

Smittybilt GEN 2 XRC

This winching machine is powerful and has a 9500 lb weight capacity. It has a 6.6 horsepower motor with 3 stages of planetary gear change. The cable it features is 93.5” in diameter size. 

A most excellent feature of this machine is it’s fully sealed. There won’t be any chance of water going inside. 

Key Features

●      Weight capacity: 9500 IB.

●      Motor: 6.6 horsepower.

●      Cable: 5/16″ diameter.

●      Brake: Automatic.

Champion Power Equipment-100428 

This winch features a powerful motor of 1.4-horsepower. It can handle 3500 pounds of weight quite easily. The cable it has is 6 feet long and can operate winching with the speed of 3 feet per minute with a full load. 

With the speed this winch motor provides, you’ll finish most of the job in a relatively short time. 

Key Features

●      Motor: 1.4 horsepower.

●      Weight capacity: 3500 pounds.

●      Cable size: 3 feet.

●      Cable materials: Synthetic.

●      Line speed: 10 feet per min. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Should a winch spool from the top or bottom? 

As the drum rotation label directs, spool the winch rope onto the drum. The rope should always be spooled on the drum’s bottom. Never wind the rope over the top of the drum. 

  • How do you make a winch stronger? 

Use a snatch block to increase the line length to double the power of your winch. You can double your load capacity with a snatch block and spool out additional wire to meet your winch’s maximum rating. 

  • How many wraps should you leave on a winch? 

Wrap the cable at least eight times around the winch drum. If you don’t, the cable may fall loose from the drum, releasing the tension abruptly. Sudden shifts in the load can result in serious damage. 

  • Can a winch be mounted upside down? 

If the wire is spooled in on the side of the drum closest to the winch’s base, most ATV and UTV winches can be installed inside out. But the winch makers don’t advocate mounting the winch upside down most of the time. 

Final Words 

You’ll safely get the winching done like a professional if you know how to get a winch spool evenly. Following our guidance above, you can give it a try. 

But before you winch, make sure you follow the proper precaution we mentioned. We hope you won’t have any trouble in winching from now on. 

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