How To Double Winch Pulling Power

Professionals recommend purchasing a winch with a lot of power in your affordability. You may not use it often but need to persuade power from the winch persistently.

The winch is an extremely necessary tool for emergencies. If the winch can’t pull you out of danger with its power, how to double winch pulling power?

No worries! You won’t have to worship a god for an era. The mechanical procedures are easy to deal with.

We’ll be discussing the ins and outs of how to double the power of the winch. Let’s move on to the juicy part of the guide.

How to Double Winch Pulling Power

You’ll find many methods to double the winch pulling power. Are all of them effective? Maybe or maybe not. Let’s know the most common and effective methods to double your winch pulling power.

1. Pull Straight

The power of a winch has to be tested in the best condition for the procedure of winching. And it directly suggests pulling the winch in a straight line to know about its capacity.

However, the condition isn’t a picture-perfect scenario all the time. Finding out an anchor point front forwards isn’t a piece of cake. What should you do in this case?

A snatch block like WARN 92097 is a savior when you’re not finding out any anchor point. Find a straight line anchor point where it’s quite impossible to set up an anchor point. Now, do your best to receive the winch pulling power.

2. Wrapping Single Line

This is another method to apply if you want to double the winch pulling power. For this method, the testing process requires a single line wrap, which the professionals recommend.

You can set only a single line wrap around your winch drum. Multiple line wraps will decrease the pulling capacity by at least 10% per line.

For instance, the winch capacity is to handle 20000 pounds, and it has 5 winch lines. The capacity of the winch decreases 50% for, and it’ll effectively work on 10000 pounds.

Pro Tip:

To achieve the maximum winch pulling power, you may try this tip and receive more effectiveness. Rig your winch in a unique way to get more spooled-out lines.

3. Under Crucial Winching Situations

Driving a vehicle isn’t always fun. The weather, roads, and natural calamities occur without notice.

While driving, you might face adverse situations and become nervous. To get you through such conditions, we’ve added a few methods. Try these methods if you’re stuck with your vehicle.

Vehicle Stuck in Mud

Use a recovery strap to stretch and use the kinetic energy at its best to help you out in this condition. We recommend you to try ARB Recovery Strap for its performance, quality, and best-selling price.

The Vehicle is Stuck and No One is Around

If your line is long, use single-line pulling. You can use the magic tool Champion Snatch Block to increase the pulling power. Attach the winch with a nearby tree and go back to the D-ring of the front bumper.

These mentioned methods will help you to know how to increase winch speed.

How To Double the Winch Pulling Power: Step by Step

We hope you’ve understood the methods mentioned above on maximizing your winch pulling power at its best. Now, it’s vital to know the mechanisms of each tool are working properly or not.

Sometimes, testing the equipment is necessary for the winch owners to know about each tool’s extra capacity.

1. Tighten up the Anchor Point

Place the XSTRAP around a tree which is a tree tightly. Then, you’ve to connect the shackle with two slides.

2. Set up Your Snatch Block

Wrap the winch cable and spool the cable with a tree. That’s all to add your winch. Whether the cable is tight or not, check it twice simply using the free spooling.

Now, you can open the snatch block and get ready to double the power. The ling will be going faster when the winch is in the remote spot. Try to supply as much winch line as you can because it’ll gather power based on this winch line.

3. Hook Up the with a Snatch Block

Place the snatch block with the wire. Go back to the recovery point for pulling, and the front bumper will hold the shackle.

Turn on the engine and provide tension on the winch line. Then, return to your snatch block. Remember, the line should be placed in the middle point. If everything goes right, the snatch block will effectively double winch power.

hooking-with-snatch block

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I increase the strength of my winch?

Increase the strength of your winch by using the snatch block. The snatch block doubles the line and increases load capacity. Also, it spools out cable more than usual to achieve your desired winch rating.

How do you pull a triple winch power?

When you want to double the power, focus on the anchor point. The anchor point has to maintain the perfect distance. Sometimes, it’s too close to the cable.

Take a snatch block and use it to double the lining. It’ll help in the long run in load capacity, winch rating, etc.

How to rig a winch?

The clutch has to be locked and connected with a remote. Then, you have to place the tension of the line properly.

Attach the line with a secured strap, shackles, and place the line to a proper anchor point. Start the experiment with a pull that is short controlled.

How much can a 3000 pound winch pull?

A 3000 pound winch can pull 2000 pounds with a 30% incline. The more capacity of the winch, the better it is.

How big of a winch Do I need to pull a car on a trailer?

A short formula works effectively to calculate how big a winch you need to pull your car. Professionals suggest buying a winch with a 1.5 time capacity of vehicle weight. So, multiply 1.5 with the vehicle weight, and you’ll know the exact size.

How does a snatch block work to double the pulling power of a winch?

A snatch block is a unique part of two incredible features. First, it alters the pulling direction. And the second, the winch power increases for its mechanical advantages.

Laying the cables on the drum evenly isn’t an easy task. But if you have a snatch block, it becomes easier to distribute the cables properly.

Wrap Up

To conclude, we hope you’ve gone through the whole guide to get a better understanding of how to double winch pulling power.

If you’re new to driving a vehicle, we recommend you to read the guide with complete attention. You’ll get a lot of information about winch pulling power.

Last but not least, don’t push the equipment harder. Because they might not feature extra power and tick an accident, enjoy your long drive!

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