Comeup Winch Vs Warn Winch

It is not an easy task to find the right winch for your vehicle. There are so many brands available to choose from. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will go over two of the most popular winch brands available on the market today: ComeUp Winch vs Warn Winch.

Let’s Start.

Brief Of Comeup Winch

ComeUp winches are considered by many to be the top in their class. This is not just due to the quality of their winches but also because of their great customer service. These winches are equipped with a heavy duty motor that delivers superior torque and quick line speeds to recover your vehicle out of tough spots.

The ComeUp winch is distinguished from its competitors by having a “CBS” (cone brake system) that is located outside the drum where it can disperse the heat efficiently and stay securely engaged. ComeUp has been manufacturing winches for trucks. SUV’s, utility vehicles and many more since 1975. 

Brief Of Warn Winch

Warn is renowned for durability and high quality. They are a leading manufacturer of winches with a wide range of models to suit all different types of use. Warn has been manufacturing electric winch for jeep, Trucks, ATV’s and UTV’s since 1948 and continues to produce some of the finest products on the market today. Their products are designed to meet off-roaders’ needs and are known to provide years of dependable service.

Comeup Winch Vs Warn

Warn is one of the most trusted names in the automotive industry. Their winches have been around for a long time and have a good reputation for performance, reliability, and value.

Comeup winch is also a very reputable brand that makes good quality winches but they’re not as well known as Warn yet they do offer an excellent lineup of winches. Now we will take a look at some of the key differences between these two brands.

Country of Origin

Warn: The headquarters of Warn Industries are in the Portland suburb of Clackamas, Oregon. The non-VR winches from Warn are assembled in Oregon using globally sourced parts. Significant components of their winches are still made in the Oregon facility, including the machining of casings and gears. The whole Warn VR series is produced in China.

ComeUp: ComeUp winch is located in Clackamas, Oregon, United States.They are made in Taiwan They also manufacture a lot of the key components for the winch and also use internationally sourced parts in their winch.

Winch Capacity

Warn: Winches from Warn Industries come in several different styles and capabilities, with weight capacities ranging from 750 pounds to 30,000 pounds. These winches can be used for ATV’s, UTV’s, Trucks, Jeep, Trailer and many more.

ComeUp: The cup series from comeup winches offer 2000lbs, 3000lbs and 4000lbs for ATV’s and UTV’s. They also produce winches with capacity ranging from 6000lbs to 18000lbs for trucks, jeeps, and trailers. They also have a waterproof series that goes from 9500lbs to 16000lbs with an IP68 rating and can function even when submerged.

Wireless remote

Warn: They don’t provide the wireless remote with the package. If you want to utilize the wireless remote you would need to buy the warn wireless system

ComeUp: A lot of the models from their lineup of winches such as the comeup winch vigor series come with a wireless remote. So you don’t need to buy a separate one.


Warn: There is no dashboard feature in any of the on the warn winch. 

ComeUp: This brand provides a unique feature, a dashboard on a lot of their winches such as the Comeup Winch 5000si. This dashboard is very helpful as it has a battery indicator which shows the status of the vehicle battery level and an icon that shows if the included wireless remote is connected as well as an overheat warning for the motor.


Warn: The winches from warn are a little bit expensive when compared to other brands. A warn winch with 2500lbs-5500lbs capacity will cost around $300-$750. Again if you are looking for higher capacity such as 8000lbs-16000lbs it can cost you around $900-$2500 depending upon the model of the warn winch lineup.

ComeUp: The cup series comeup winch price ranges from $300-$400. The ComeUp 5000si utility winch for trailers will cost $779. The waterproof winch series of 9000lbs-1200lbs capacity will cost around $950-$1300.


Warn: Warn provides warranties for their products. You may Click Here to check the duration and details of the provided warranties for different series of the warn winches.

ComeUp: A lifetime warranty is offered by COMEUP for its mechanical parts, and a one-year warranty is offered for its electrical parts, both starting on the date of the user’s purchase.

Which One Is For You?

Warn is a reputed brand and comes with a good quality and an expensive price tag. They have been in the business for many years, so if you want a reputed brand then you can trust Warn winches with your safety.

ComeUp may not be as popular as warn in the USA but they have marked their presence in other parts of the world. They provide good quality winches at an affordable price. So you can definitely check them out.

Final Thoughts

Both ComeUp winch and Warn winch offer spectacular power and competence when it comes to winching. We hope this article has helped you decide which winch is best suited for your application by comparing the two most in demand brands: ComeUp Winch vs Warn Winch. 

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