Can You Tow With A Leased Vehicle? The Whole Rundown!

Leasing a car comes with perks, like the joy of a new ride often and maybe even smaller monthly bills. 

But if you’re curious about towing with a leased vehicle, this guide’s for you. 

I’ll tackle everything – from what leased cars can handle to towing hiccups you’d want to dodge. 

Let’s get started!

Can You Tow With A Leased Vehicle?

Yes, you can tow with a leased vehicle provided you approach it with the right knowledge and considerations. 

Whether you’re driving an electric car or a premium model like the Lexus RX, the potential for towing is present. 

This includes tasks like trailer towing and flat towing, opening up avenues for practicality and versatility.

What Are The Limitations Of A Leased Car?

Leased cars have their strengths, but towing isn’t always their strong suit. 

Let’s dive into what you need to know.

  • Lease Agreements: Every lease has rules, and towing might be one of them. Some leases might say you can’t tow, while others might have rules. If you break these rules, you might end up facing fines or other problems, so make sure you know your lease.
  • Making Changes: Towing often needs changes to your car, like adding special stuff. But leases might not be okay with changes. Before you start, check if your lease allows it.
  • Wear and Tear: Towing isn’t easy on your car. It can stress out things like brakes, suspension, and tires. This extra stress could mean more wear and tear, which might be limited by the leasing agreement.

You should review your lease agreement to fully comprehend the restrictions associated with the vehicle you have leased.

How To Tow With A Leased Vehicle?

Okay, let’s get down to business – towing with a leased vehicle. It’s not rocket science, but you’ve still got to stick to some guidelines. 

Here’s how you do it right.

  1. Know Your Towing Capacity: First things first, know what your vehicle can handle. Check the owner’s manual or ask the manufacturer for towing capacity info. Going beyond this limit isn’t a smart move.
  2. Choose The Right Gear: The right towing gear matters. From hitches to trailers, make sure everything is compatible with your leased vehicle and the load you’re towing.
  3. Spread The Weight: Balance is key. Distribute the weight evenly between your vehicle and the trailer to keep things steady and prevent swaying.
  4. Be Smart And Adapt: Drive cautiously, avoid sudden moves, and give yourself more space to stop. Remember, towing isn’t the same as regular driving.

Towing Mistakes To Avoid While Towing With A Leased Car

Now, let’s talk about the stuff you shouldn’t be doing while towing with a leased car. 

Avoid these slip-ups and keep your towing game strong.

  • No Overloading: Don’t push it. Going beyond your vehicle’s towing capacity is like asking for trouble. Stick to the limits.
  • Don’t Forget Maintenance: Towing puts more stress on your ride. Keep it well-maintained, especially the brakes, suspension, and tires.
  • Don’t Just Skim Over The Lease: Ignoring your lease terms can lead to a headache. Some leases don’t allow towing, so read the fine print.
  • No Delaying Safety Checks: Always inspect your gear before hitting the road. Lights, brakes, and connections – give them a good once-over.
  • Don’t Let Recklessness Take Over: Towing needs skill. Don’t get overly confident, especially if you’re new to towing. Take it easy and stay safe.


Can you put a trailer hitch on a leased vehicle?

Yes, you can add a hitch to a leased car. Just make sure to give your lease agreement a quick peek to ensure you’re not stepping on any toes. It’s also a good idea to get the thumbs up from your leasing agency before you go ahead and install that hitch.

Can you put a 5th wheel hitch on a leased truck?

Yes, you can put a 5th wheel hitch onto a leased truck. But before you start busting out the tools, give your lease agreement a quick once-over to make sure it’s not breaking any rules. Besides that, shoot a quick message to your leasing agency for their permission.

Can I put a tow bar on a leased car?

Yes, but you should also make sure that the tow bar is an approved part and that the fitting company is insured and VAT registered.

Can you put a body kit on a leased car?

Sadly, you can’t really give your leased car a new look with a body kit. Most lease agreements aren’t fans of big changes that revamp the car’s appearance and style. So unless your leasing agency gives you the green light, it’s better to play it safe.

Final Thoughts

Towing with a leased vehicle is possible, but it’s no joke. Remember the facts, respect your vehicle’s limits, and drive with care. 

Whether you’re towing with an electric car, a rugged Honda, or any other leased ride, keep things safe and you’ll enjoy the benefits without the worries.

Ricardo Vaughn
Ricardo Vaughn

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