Can You Run A Winch Off Jumper Cables

Can you run a winch off jumper cables? This is a widely asked question amongst users of haulage and hoist equipment. Hence the insight into the possibility of running a winch off jumper cables would be laid out bare in its simplest form in this article.

Much understanding would also be provided as to the provision, specifications, and parameters that will be needed or necessary to power and run a winch using jumper cables. 

To unlock your curiosity, read carefully and stay intrigued as we provide you with top premium knowledge on the big question; can you run a winch off jumper cables? in this article.

What Size Of Wire Should I Use For A Winch?

The selection of a defined and definite size or dimension of wire for usage on a winch is sometimes a hassle for some persons. 

However, making it easier is just what we have in mind and doing in this article so next time you won’t have to be part of those asking “can you run a winch off jumper cables”.

In picking a size fit for a winch cable, the prerequisites parameters that are of necessity are the length and diameter of the cable involved because the strength of a winch cable is inversely proportional to its length and directly proportional to its diameter. 

So simply speaking, picking a wire size for a winch is not your usual ‘one shoe fits all’ scenario but more of a dynamic venture as it depends on a range of factors, however fundamentally on the weight of what you are using the winch to pull.

Logically the heavier the object you intend to pull, the higher the strength and size required.  

How To Select The Proper Cable To Power A Winch.

Selecting a proper cable to power a winch is crucial because of the long sustained operation that can cause battery terminals to overheat. As such it’s advisable to use a cable that is large enough to handle the current rating of the power source running the winch. 

As a rule of thumb, thick heavy-duty jumper cables should be used as power cables because of their ability to transmit adequate electrical current from the power source to the winch.

Jumper cables are known to come in different sizes and their thickness is measured in gauge with the lowest gauge reading indicating the biggest cable width or thickness with the thickest measurement of jumper cables; half-inch thick, being zero gauges cables and higher a number gauge being smaller or thinner cables, a 40 gauge cable is only 0.001 inches thick.

Can You Run A Winch Off Jumper Cables?

Certainly, as we have hinted so far, Yes it is possible to run a winch off jumper cables. Jumpers can be used to run a winch but for less intense short-term winching operations.

However, for larger winching operations it would require bigger jumper cables and exceptional battery terminals to sustain. Click here to learn how to wire a winch on a trailer

Pros And Cons Of Using Jumper Cables For Winch.

Using jumper cables for the winch is also a process that has both benefits and drawbacks to it. 

Some of the pros of using jumper cables for a winch include:

  • Ease of use

Either in practicality or installation, jumper cables can be easily used to connect a winch to a power source.

  • Larger clips

Most heavy-duty jumper cables usually come with big alligator clips that allow for a safer and better connection between the winch and a power source being battery terminals. 

  • Protection from sparks

A benefit of the big clips that come along with heavy-duty jumper cables is the added spark protective effect the clips provide, as it reduces exposure to sparks that may occur at the connection terminals.

The cons of using jumper cables for a winch include:

  • Risk of battery drainage

Using jumper cables to run a winch has the potential to drain your battery (power source) if it uses up more current than your battery can handle.  Hence for a long sustained winching operation, you might consider the installation of a second battery. 

  • Risk of overheating

Poor installation of jumper cables to terminals can lead to loss of current and overheating which can cause melting of insulation clips.


Final Thoughts

Conclusively, with all said so far we are sure anyone with the question  “can you run a winch off jumper cables” would be satisfied with all information provided in this article.

Ensure to read through once again if not clear on anything.

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