Can You Call A Tow Truck On Someone? Find Out When and How!

Yes, you can call a tow truck on someone, but there’s a lot to consider, like what’s allowed by the law and what’s fair. 

No point in dealing with an annoyed tower, right? Towing someone else’s car isn’t always straightforward. 

In this guide, I’ll break it down step by step. I’ll go through the rules to help you know when and how to call a tow truck on someone else’s vehicle.

When Can You Call A Tow Truck On Someone Else?

Sometimes, you might find yourself in situations where calling a tow truck on someone else is the right move. 

Here are some situations where it’s perfectly acceptable to make that call:

  • Abandoned Cars: If you see a car that seems to be dumped somewhere in your neighborhood for a long time and is causing problems, you can call a tow truck to take it away.
  • Unsafe Parking: If a car is parked in a way that makes it hard for others to stay safe, like blocking a fire hydrant or stopping people from seeing traffic signs, it’s a good reason to call a tow truck. Safety should always come first.
  • Trespassing on Private Property: If someone parks their car on your property without your permission, you have the right to call a tow truck to remove it.
  • Public Nuisance: If a car is causing trouble, like being too noisy, disturbing the peace, or involved in illegal activities, you can call the police. They’ll arrange for towing as part of their response.
  • Blocking Traffic: If a car is causing a big traffic jam, maybe because it broke down or was parked in a bad spot, it’s okay to call a tow truck. We need traffic to keep moving smoothly.
  • Taking Handicapped Parking: If you see a car parked in a spot reserved for people with disabilities without the right permit, you can call a tow truck. Those spots are essential for people who need them.
  • Too Many Parking Tickets: If you notice a car with lots of unpaid parking tickets, it might be eligible for towing. This encourages people to be responsible with their parking.
  • Blocking Emergency Spots: If a car is too close to emergency exits in buildings or parking garages, it can be dangerous during emergencies. In such cases, calling a tow truck is the right thing to do to keep those areas clear for first responders.

The above are some of the many reasons – let’s talk a little more in detail about the more common ones. 

Can You Call A Tow Truck If Someone Is Blocking Your Driveway?

Absolutely! When someone thoughtlessly parks their vehicle in front of your driveway, it’s not just an inconvenience; it’s a violation of your property rights. 

You have every right to call a tow truck to clear the way and regain access to your property. 

Can You Call A Tow Truck For Double Parking?

Yes, you can call a tow truck for double parking. Double parking, where a vehicle parks alongside another, can disrupt the flow of traffic and create safety hazards. 

In most areas, double parking is often against the rules and can be a real hassle.

Can You Call A Tow Truck If Someone Is Parked In Your Spot?

Absolutely! If someone’s taken your parking spot without permission, you have every right to call a tow truck to get their car out of there. 

Your parking spot is meant for you, not them. 

If I Call A Tow Truck Who Pays?

It’s the owner of the towed car who’s on the hook for the towing and storage fees. They have to cough up the cash for the towing costs to get their car back. 

But, keep in mind that the details can vary depending on local rules and the policies of the tow company.

What Happens If You Call A Tow Truck And The Car Leaves?

Alright, let’s say you called up that tow truck, but by the time it rolls in, the car and its owner have vanished like a puff of smoke. 

No worries, you won’t get into trouble for doing the right thing. 

You tried to resolve a parking issue, but sometimes folks move their cars before the tow truck arrives, and that’s fine.

You’ve done your part by reporting the problem. 

If the tow truck driver arrives and the car is gone, they’ll usually just cancel the tow and be on their way. 

No harm, no foul. So, rest easy knowing you’ve taken the responsible steps without any consequences.


Can you tow a car that is blocking you in?

Yes, you can tow a car that’s in your way, like if it’s parked in front of your driveway. It’s because it’s not allowed to block your path, and towing can help you get moving again.

How long does a car have to be parked before it can be towed?

There isn’t a set time for how long a car must be parked before towing—it depends on the rules where you live. But generally, if a car’s parked in a way that’s not allowed, like blocking traffic or being unsafe, it can be towed right away. Always check the local rules to be sure.

Can someone tow my car without permission?

Usually, no one can tow your car without you giving the okay unless it’s breaking the rules, like parking where it’s not allowed or blocking things. If it’s on private property, the owner usually needs to give permission for towing. But if your car’s illegally parked, it might be towed without asking you first, following the local rules. Always follow the parking rules to avoid any surprise towing.

Final Thoughts

There you go – now you’re all up to speed on etiquette. We’ve all been there – finding a stranger’s car blocking our driveway or parked where it shouldn’t be. 

Before you pick up the phone to call a tow truck when that happens, make sure to keep everything I told you in mind. 

It’s essential to know when it’s okay and how to do it right.

And as long as you’re in the clear, you can easily deal with any unruly cars without any problems.

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