Best Winch Hook: An Overview from Us

The best winch hook has to be sturdy and strong. It should also be able to hold up a heavy load without breaking. They are easy to use and require minimal maintenance. This makes them perfect for people who need something that will last for years without costing too much money. 

If you are just looking for a basic winch hook, then there are plenty of options out there. However, if you are looking for something specific, like a winch hook with a safety latch, then you might need to do some more research.

This article is about the best winch hook. It discusses the features of best winch hooks and how they are suitable for different needs.

If you are in need of a winch hook, but you don’t want to spend too much money on it, then this article is for you. The best winch hooks come with a variety of features that make them perfect for your needs.

Editors Choice

Factor 55 UltraHook

Factor 55 is the world’s best premium category winch for its outstanding versatile features including design, safest winch hook safety, and lightweight build making it the most popular winch hook

AUTOBOTS Upgrade Heavy Duty Winch Hook

Autobots winch hook has a good power coating and stylish styling which look cooler when mounted on almost every vehicle with high strength pulling capacity making it the overall best winch in the market. 


AMBULL Heavy Duty Forged

AMBULL is the best pick for a winch hook for its various features like strong, durable, heavy-duty, fit with almost all vehicles on off-roading in an affordable price range which make it bang for the buck. 


Top 10 Best Winch Hook

S. NoWinch HookWeightStrength/CapacityMaterials 
01Factor 55 UltraHook1.3 lbs31,000 lbsAluminum, Titanium
02Warn 92090 Epic10 lbs12,000 lbsUltra strong forged steel
03Rough Country RS-126 Hook1.8 lbs15,000 lbsSolid steel forged
04ALL-TOP Winch Hook 1.3 lbs13,500 lbsSolid Forged Steel
05AMBULL Heavy Duty Hook2.42 lbs35,000 lbsDrop forged steel
06AUTOBOTS Winch Hook2.42 lbs35,000 lbsDrop steel forged
07Warn 395570.85 lbs4,000 lbsStainless steel
08KFI Winch Hook0.2 lbsN/ASteel
09Shoreline Marine Winch Hook0.63 lbs1500 lbsBlend
10Towmavin Winch Hook2.27 lbs35,000 lbsForged steel

01. Factor 55 UltraHook

Factor 55 is an engineering design firm specializing in mechanical design and analysis located in Boise, Idaho. All of their products are derived from sound engineering disciplines. 

This all factor 55 products are designed in house using the latest 3D CAD software and optimized using Cosmos finite element analysis. 

It used both a conventional hook opening and a shackle mount. 

Features include the first-ever Closed System Shackle Mount hole machined into the hook’s body, a safety latches retractor pocket that creates a clear throat opening, and an integrated secondary safety latches locking feature—a latch locking pin stored in the UltraHook’s body that can be taken out and inserted into the hook tip to lock the latch into place.

A finger grip feature that encourages appropriate “Hook Up” orientation, titanium double shear pins, and EPDM rubber pads for fairlead protection.

The first winch hook may be kept against your fairlead to prevent a metal-to-metal connection between your roller or hawse fairlead.

The Factor 55 always wants to make sure to produce the highest quality, best value products for customers so you can pick this hook undoubtedly. 


  • World’s safest winch hook.
  • Closed system shackle mount
  • Rubber pad for fairlead protection
  • Titanium double shear pin
  • Light weight
  • No rope splicing required- double shear pin design accepts rope/cable
  • Design to both steel cables or synthetic rope winch
  • Foldable to stow rattle free against fairleads
  • For rope and cable diameter up to ⅜” 
  • Double locking safety claps
  • Max opening deformation clearly laser engraved


  • Pricy
  • Limited edition colors go out of stock frequently

02. Warn 92090 Epic

WARN Industries has consistently built a reputation for creating some of the greatest off-roading equipment available, and with their Epic Series of winching attachments, they have succeeded once more.

WARN has long been a leader in the field of winching. And even if some of their products aren’t American-made, I’ll wager that the quality control is higher than most. 

These market-leading hooks offer aesthetic appeal, higher impact resistance, and a longer wear cycle than conventional winch hooks because they are coated using a 12-stage process that is exclusive to Warn and uses e-coat and powder coatings.

The Clevis pin is heavy-duty 1/2” diam instead of 3/8” and it fits the synthetic winch rope thimble with no problem. 

The latch looks reasonably strong and the hook opening is nice and wide. The quality of the items is very good. And the finish is very nice and looks like it will hold up for many years to come. 

When you’re trapped in the middle of nowhere, buried to the axles in slick mud, attempting to get your 9K truck towing a 3K trailer, the last thing you want is for a “rated” shackle or snatch block to come screaming back at you with 20K/lbs of force. 

At last, this is a very nice winch hook of gear. 


  • Maximum protection and reliability against wear and abrasion
  • Uniquely designed with a built-in beverage opener
  • CE rated certified
  • Comfortable to hold in hand
  • Don’t have to think about pinching or cutting yourself


  • Outer look is not very aesthetic. 

03. Rough Country RS-126 Hook

Forged Clevis Hooks from Rough Country provide exceptional strength and dependability in stylish packaging. Upgrade your car with this premium, incredibly tough forged clevis hooks to ensure that you never find yourself in a predicament you can’t escape!

For whatever recovery tasks you come across, Rough Country’s Forged D-Rings are built of a robust, strong steel design. Other clevis hooks just can’t match the aggressive, bold design and imprinted RC emblem for an aggressive appearance on your car.

Each forged hook is made to fit winch ropes up to 1″ in diameter and standard-sized d-rings ranging in size from 5/16″ to 3/4″.

It provides a cleaner way to secure your clevis hook. And it is very easy to store in the fairleads.

Though this product is made in China but provides very satisfactory services when off-roading.

So you can pick this Rough Country winch hook for everyday use. 


  • Superior strength and dependability
  • Eye-catching, aggressive finish
  • Heavy duty thick solid steel forged build
  • Backed by Rough Country’s lifetime
  • Universal fit
  • Fit with up to 1” winch rope
  • 15/32 inch diameter clevis pin
  • Very affordable in price range


  • Actual weight rating not listed on Rough Country website
  • Small in size

04. ALL-TOP Winch Hook

ALL-TOP provides recovery gears and outdoor products for all off-road enthusiasts. They have served more than 20,000 customers all over the world.

The Winch Hook is composed of solid forged steel, and it has an e-coat finish and powdered coat protection on the surface, which increases its endurance and prevents rust and corrosion.

With a 7/16-inch diameter Clevis Pin secured in place by a split pin, Forged has a spring-loaded safety latch to assure a secure connection.

ATV, UTV, ORV, TRAILERS, and Sport-utility Vehicles can have a maximum break strength of 35500 lbs thanks to the forging process’ heat hardening treatment.

Excellent construction, appropriate for 1,000 lbs to 5,500 lbs winches, and it aided users in most working conditions. It will support you in any challenging circumstances.

The whole winch hook and clevis hook use strong forging and heat hardening treated process, through laboratory testing, and is proven to be the most reliable tool to simplify the toughest job.

ALL-TOP continuously enhances recovery gears and after-sales service. And provides a lifetime warranty service.

Lastly, this hook is very sturdy, and heavy-duty with a very affordable price range and can be the best choice for your off-road vehicles. 


  • 13,500 lbs breaking strength capacity
  • Very lightweight
  • Compact design
  • E-coat for abrasion resistance
  • Solid forged steel material build.
  • An ultimate budget-friendly winch hook
  • D-ring shackles
  • Attach to most winch rope
  • Very easy to replace and use


  • Hinge has a little play

05. AMBULL Heavy Duty Hook

AMBULL is a well-known winch hook manufacturer over the world that produces smart design winch hooks and stoppers.

This AMBULL heavy-duty winch is very convenient and practical for ⅜ inch cable hook stopper and clevis slip hook sets, which can protect your winch well. It comes in five different beautiful colors to make the hook easily match all kinds of vehicles. 

Superior Material – The hook is composed of heavy-duty drop-forged steel that has been galvanized and power coated, solid within, ensuring longevity and preventing rust and corrosion. The hook’s tensile force can exceed 35,000 lbs. The UV-resistant, waterproof, sturdy, and durable rubber substance used to make the winch cable hook stopper avoids discoloration.

A spring-loaded safety latch and split pin are used in the exclusive design to fasten a ½ inch diameter clevis pin, which helps assure secure connection. The winch cable hook stopper is made of two pieces of silicone rubber, and it has a split design for simple installation. It also has four robust carbon steel bolts, four locking nuts, and four washers.

We value your opinion, and we want you to shop at AMBULL with total assurance. This winch cable hook stopper and winch hook combination, which is ideal for Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, ORVs, trailers, and sport utility vehicles, among other things, is an absolute must.


  • Comes with winch cable hook stopper and clevis slip
  • Nine different colors
  • Build in heavy-duty drop forged steel and rubber material
  • Galvanized and powder coated
  • Strong detachable latch
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Very easy to install
  • Accept winch cable up to ⅝ inch diameter under the Clevis


  • Paint a layer of the hook is thin

06. AUTOBOTS Winch Hook

AUTOBOTS is a group of people who love cross-country and vehicle care. Using skilled engineers and premium materials, they design their products properly while maintaining the safety of cars while off-road driving.

When mounted on Jeeps, ATVs, UTVs, ORVs, SUVs, trailers, and sport-utility vehicles, AUTOBOTS Winch Clevis Hook has a good powder coating and stylish styling that elevates it beyond standard steel winch hooks.

A 1/2″ Diameter Clevis Pin is used to secure the spring-loaded safety latch on the Autobots Atv Winch Hook, which helps to ensure a secure connection. The Winch Cable Hook Stop is made of two pieces of silicone rubber and has a split design for simple installation. It also has four strong carbon steel bolts, four locknuts, and four washers.

The Heavy-Duty Forged Steel UTV Winch Hook is Safe and Durable, Strong and Tough, with a Galvanized and Powder Coated Exterior to Prevent Rust and Corrosion, and Can Support Up to 35,000 Lbs. The UV-resistant rubber material used to make the winch hook stopper prevents discoloration. It is strong, odorless, waterproof, and long-lasting.

The Winch clevis effectively prevents collisions between the Trailer Hook and the Winch, protecting the Winch from collisions, and the Winch Protector Has Good Shock Absorption Characteristics and Can Withstand Daily Tearing and Wear and Tear. The Winch Hook 3/8″ is Heavy Duty. This Clevis Hooks with Latch Can Accept Winch Cables Up to 5/8″ in Diameter.

AUTOBOTS provide after-sale service. So this winch cable hook is an absolute must-have accessory.


  • Multiple colors variant available
  • Comes with hook stopper which is made of UV resistance
  • Power Coat and galvanized
  • ⅜ inch heavy duty winch hook
  • Has shock absorption characteristics


  • Small end opening

07. Warn 39557 Hook 

WARN Industries has consistently built a reputation for creating some of the greatest off-roading equipment available, and with their Epic Series of winching attachments, they have succeeded once more.

WARN has long been a leader in the field of winching. And even if some of their products aren’t American-made, I’ll wager that the quality control is higher than most. 

These market-leading hooks offer aesthetic appeal, higher impact resistance, and a longer wear cycle than conventional winch hooks because they are coated using a 12-stage process that is exclusive to Warn and uses e-coat and powder coatings.


  • Easy to install and well built
  • Atv hook with safety latch
  • Red Warn imprinted hook strap
  • Service replacement part
  • 5/16 cable pin size


  • Only for specific ATV vehicle

08. KFI Winch Hook

A fantastic solution that stops the winch from being overly tight or slack. Additionally, it safeguards the front of the quad by preventing foreign objects from striking the vehicle.

This winch cable hook is for the ATV and UTV winch. It is 5/8 inches broad and 3/4 inches thick, weighing 4 oz. On an ATV or UTV winch fairlead, this KFI Split Cable Hook Stopper will fit between the two outer rollers. Additionally, it performs admirably with synthetic rope and/or slot fairlead.

Fits nicely into the fairlead, around the synthetic cable, and is simple to install. Compared to being coiled directly against the hook, the winch now offers some tension reduction.


  • E-dipped black color
  • Can be used on other brand winches
  • Removable
  • Clevis included
  • Very cheap


  • Small size winch hook

09. Shoreline Marine Winch Hook

Shoreline Marine has served boat requirements for more than 28 years and is situated in Brunswick, Georgia, about one hour south of Savannah, Georgia, and one hour north of Jacksonville, Florida. We specialize in both family fishing boats like walkarounds and pontoon boats as well as serious fishing boats like center consoles, bay boats, and flats boats.


  • Prevents painful hand injuries
  • Stops winch hook form being pulled through fairlead
  • Cheap
  • Light weight
  • Comes with strap
  • Fully adjustable
  • Heavy duty plated hook


  • Very small in size

10. Towmavin Winch Hook

The tensile force of the winch hook may reach 35000 lbs. It is made of heavy-duty forged steel that has been galvanized and power coated to prevent rust and corrosion. a 1/2 inch diameter clevis pin held in place by a split pin, with a spring-loaded safety latch to help ensure secure attachment.

The UV-resistant rubber material used to make the winch cable hook stopper is waterproof, strong, and durable. Silicone rubber design in two sections with four solid carbon steel bolts, four locking nuts, and four washers A portable Allen wrench tool should be added for simple installation.

This winch hook can accommodate a winch cable with a diameter of up to 5/8 inches underneath the clevis. It can successfully prevent collisions between the trailer hook and the winch in order to safeguard the winch motor. Most ATVs, Jeeps, UTVs, Trailers, Sport-utility Vehicles, etc. are excellent for use with them.

This is a burly hook perfect to use on the end of your winch line. Comes with a nice rubber cable bumper to prevent sucking the hook into your winch when fully retracted.


  • ⅜ inch safety latch winch hook
  • Winch cable hook rubber stupor
  • Larger in size
  • Silicon rubber stopper
  • Heavy duty winch hook 
  • Two different colors
  • Accept winch cable up to ⅝ inch diameter


  • Very simple design

Buying Guide: Things To Look For In A Winch Hook

There are many features that you should look for when choosing a winch hook. The following are some things that you should look for when buying a new winch hook:

1) Material: The material of the winch hook should be durable and strong enough to withstand heavy loads.

2) Design: The design of the winch hook should allow for easy attachment of the cable and also have an easy release mechanism in case you need to detach it from your load.

3) Size: The size of your new winch hook should be proportional to your vehicle’s hitch. A larger vehicle requires a larger size than what would be appropriate for smaller cars.

Do You Need Shackles Or Hook With A Winch

Winch hook or technically named “Clevis Slip Hook” is commonly used at the end of a winch. Winch hooks are less adaptable since they are only meant to be used with chains or ropes as a result of this feature. This kind of winch’s hook aperture is too narrow to comfortably fit two ends of a typical recovery strap.

There is a danger of a strap or chain breaking free or slipping out whenever a slip hook is utilized. The winch cable alternates between being loaded and emptied as the car is being recovered. Due to the constant “slack” creation in the recovery system, this can quickly result in a dangerous and unsafe situation with hooks.

Due to these reasons and the fact that it is a totally contained link, a closed-pin winch shackle is a much better option. Even during tight/loose cycles, the strap ends within the shackle and cannot escape while it is in use. In the end, hooks should only be taken into account in well-planned tournaments. Let’s go into more detail about various winch shackles now that you understand why closed-pin winch shackles are better than hook shackles.

A shackle contains a connecting component with an opening release mechanism, such as a pin or a hook, that provides a powerful closed state. This is the major distinction between a shackle and a hook.

A few advantages of shackles are included below. 

  • Stronger durable than a hook shackle
  • A more secure link
  • Recovery strap ends have almost no possibility of escaping.
  • Less strain on the fibers of the recovery strap
  • A bigger aperture that takes a recovery strap’s two ends
  • No edges that might be sharp enough to cut or harm healing straps
  • Cost-effective price for a piece of hardware that is overall superior

It is important to use rated shackles whenever possible. Rated shackles feature a pin with a distinct color and a pin that is often bigger in diameter than the shackle’s body. Make careful you adhere to the tolerance limits and ratings provided by the manufacturer. They may also be rated S or M. Depending on the manufacturer, an S-rated shackle is lighter and constructed of sturdier materials than an M shackle.

Winch systems with winch shackles are more reliable, secure, and durable than open systems with clevis hooks. When traveling off-road and assisting in the recovery of cars that have become stuck, they often offer the greatest sense of security.

How To Secure Winch Hook

The best place for a winch hook is sitting against the fairlead. Apart from the risk of damaging the rope or the bar when it is hooked onto the recovery point, it also puts unnecessary stress on the rope or cable by laying it under tension against the bar. 

A few safety products related to winch hooks:

01. Winch Hook Isolator

An excellent item for preventing mishaps while winching is the Winch Hook Isolator.

It serves as a safety mechanism to keep the cable from tangling with the ground or other objects.

Any injuries will be less likely as a result. This tool’s main objective is to isolate the Hook, as implied by the name.

The winch hook isolator is constructed from strong, high-quality materials. Additionally, it is simple to use and fast to attach to the winch.

Additionally adaptable, the isolator can accommodate any size winch. A Lifetime Warranty is also included with the isolator.

02. Winch Hook Holder

Using a Winch Hook Holder is a fantastic additional technique to keep your winch safe and secure.

This holder will assist in preventing tangles in the cable and mishaps.

The holder is simple to use and takes only a few seconds to attach to the winch. The holder may also be adjusted to match any size winch because it is flexible.

An excellent solution to keep your winch safe and secure is the Winch Hook Holder.

03. Winch Hook Stopper

A Winch Hook Stopper can be your best option if you’re seeking a means to keep your winch safe and secure.

A Stopper is an easy-to-use tool that works well to keep your winch from getting twisted. Additionally, it incorporates a quick-release mechanism that makes it simple to remove.

The Stopper is very simple to use and takes only a few seconds to attach to the winch.

Additionally, it is adaptable to any size and kind of winch.

The Winch Hook Stopper is a useful tool for preventing hook slides from endangering your winch fairlead and cable.

Depending on what kind of hook you have, storing a winch hook might be challenging. To prevent rusting, it is advisable to store most hooks in a sealed container or bag.

Being away from water will also assist to safeguard the Hook. Last but not least, make sure the Hook is well-tightened before storing it.

Even though damage or failure might result from inappropriate tightening.


Is a hook or shackle stronger?

Shackles are more reliable, secure, stronger, and durable than open systems with clevis hooks in the winch. But obviously, it depends on your purpose which you should choose.

Should winch hook face up or down?

The winch hook always makes sure you are facing the opening of the hook upwards when you are really attaching your winch line to another vehicle, tree saver, or anchor place. 

What is the hook on a winch called?

The hook on a winch is called “Clevis Slip Hook” which is the technical name for a standard winch hook.

Final Thoughts

Finally, To choose the best winch hook for your vehicle, we investigated the products that are available to the greatest number of people and evaluating performance, price, and value. Winch hooks were evaluated based on their price, simplicity of installation, load capacity, weight, size, etc. 

Keep in mind to select one that will also match the requirements of your vehicle. I sincerely hope the pros and cons I mentioned helped you select the best winch hook for the money that meets your demands. Good  Luck!

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