Best Winch for Polaris Sportsman 570: Which One Suits Your Vehicle?

Suppose your sportsman 570 is stuck in the mud and it’s about to rain. You can’t go anywhere unless your car is back on the road. What do you think will help you in this situation?

Of course, a mounting winch. To get your vehicle out of this creepy state, you have to have the best winch for Polaris sportsman 570. Not only it’ll save your car but also, it’ll save you from any unexpected risk. Trust us, you need a winch in your car trunk every time!

That’s why we thought why not we help you a little bit by finding you the best choice. Here we talked about some top-notch items which you will absolutely love. They are efficient, strong, powerful, easy-going, and durable for your beloved vehicle.

Sit tight to know the reviews, installation process, pulling capacity, and many more!

Top 3 Picks Choice

Here are the top 3 picks for the winches.

1. Best Overall: Champion Power

2. Best Design: Warn 101025 VRX 25

3. Best Compatible: MotoAlliance VIPER Midnight

Who Makes Polaris Winches?

First of all, you need to know the origin of Polaris winches; who makes them. Well, these winches aren’t made by ‘warning’ anymore. It’s the China factories that make them now.

Polaris was first founded by the people of Minnesota, Roseau, and the US. The headquarters is in Medina Minnesota and it was first founded as Polaris Inc. After that, they started to make deals with other companies and now other brands are making their winches too.

These winches are specially engineered to fit your Polaris vehicles. Off-road cars are a good fit for these winches and the brands make sure of it.

They’re also fully sealed to keep the machine protected from water, dust, and any other particles. This way, the durability gets confirmed so you can use them for your lifetime.

What Should Be The Ideal Pulling Capacity Of Polaris Winch?

Polaris Sportsman 570 is one of the most versatile vehicles out there. It also has arguably one of the best engines in the whole Polaris lineup. The winches for this beast need to be powerful and strong to cope.

If you want to know the ideal capacity of your Polaris winch, then it should be 1.5 times the weight of the vehicle (at least). You can calculate the range by the GVWR of your car. Take a note of your vehicle weight and then multiply it by 1.5.

The result will be the accurate pulling capacity. For example, if the calculated amount is 1500 lbs, the pulling capacity will be 2250 lbs.

Remember that, sometimes, some factors related to your Polaris Sportsman can make your winch capacity overreached too.

Comparison Table among Top Rated Winches for Polaris Sportsman 570

Now, let’s see a comparison between these 5 products to make you clearer.

NameCapacityGear RatioBrake SystemRope Length
ORCISH 12V4500lb166:1Dynamic7/32”x50’

What’s the Best Winch for Polaris Sportsman 570?

Below, we discussed the best winch for Polaris 570. After so much hard work and research, we finally got these answers. All these products are amazing and we can guarantee that!

1.    Champion Power Equipment 2000 lb Winch Kit

Champion Power Equipment 2000 lb Winch Kit
Image Credit: Champion Power Equipment

True winch users prefer Champion and that’s why this brand is in the top position on our list. Campion winches have been ruling the industry for years with their unbelievable qualities. They’re convenient, powerful, efficient, and hassle-free!

This winch is excellent for any heavy lifting ranging from 2000-12000 pounds. You can pull your Polaris sportsman 570 easily with it.

Besides, it comes with a remote control that ensures your convenience. Also, it has a mounting channel so that you can mount your object on any surface. Cool, isn’t it?

Speaking of impressions, this winching machine can impress you with its efficiency too. The line speed of the product is 3.3ft per minute. Of course, with a full load. Again, it can take 10.5ft per minute with literally no load.

On top of that, a fairlead roller comes with the package to make a smooth pull with an aircraft cable. It’s around 49 foot and can withstand any terrain without even wearing out. Thus, longevity is guaranteed.

It comes with all the necessary elements you need for the installation as well. The process is easy and Champion makes sure of it.


  •   Can pull heavy materials with power.
  •    Easy to use because of the remote control.
  •   Has amazing speed per minute for efficiency.
  •   Comes with a fairlead roller to withstand any terrain.
  •   A mounting channel is attached to mount anywhere.


       The remote may lag a bit at first.

2.    WARN 101025 VRX 25 ATV Winch

WARN 101025 VRX 25 ATV Winch
Image Credit: Montana Jacks Outpost

Who says winches need to be boring all the time. With an all-metal black construction and a red hint of rope, WARN is breaking all the stereotypes. It’s one of the most recognized brands of winching machines in the world today with 2500lb power sport!

With the black-coated finish, your winch will be corrosion-resistant and waterproof. Any type of rust or damage won’t happen in the long run. So, the durability is confirmed.

Moreover, the machine comes with all the essentials, such as roller fairlead for any terrain, a zinc-plated hook for heavy lifting and a rocker switch for an easy on/off method.

Plus, the steel rope (50’ x 3/16) is great for small ATVs. Your Sportsman 570 will be perfectly fitted for this winch.

For better control, here you’ll get a mechanical brake too. Do your lifting with amazing load and control- that’s what Warn wants.


  •   All metal construction for corrosion resistance.
  •    Can lift heavy materials with much loading capacity.
  •     Has mechanical brakes for superior control.
  •     Perfect-sized synthetic rope is great for ATVs.


       Blue and yellow wires can be short.

3. OFF ROAD BOAR 3000 Lb ATV Winches with Wireless Remote and Wired Control

OFF ROAD BOAR 3000 Lb ATV Winches with Wireless Remote and Wired Control
Image Credit: Desert Cart

Off Road Boar is that type of winch that’ll never mess up with your vehicle or anything you’re trying to lift. It’s because they’re superiorly strong, have permanent magnet gear, are safely made, and are long-lasting. What more do you need?

Well, this winch has around 3000lb capacity, which we think is enough for any lifting. With the steel cable and 153:1 gear ratio, you can easily pull your Polaris Sportsman 570.

Plus, the efficiency is top notch with 2.3ft per minute (fully loaded) and 10.8ft per minute (empty). Finish the pulling session as fast as you want!

On top of that, the winch is fully rainproof, which means you can use it in any weather. It won’t get rusted, damaged, or discolored at all. Oh yes, it’s corrosion-resistant too. No matter how often you use Off Road Boar, it won’t disappoint you.

Dual remote control (wireless remote and wired switch) will make your life easier. Just sit back in a safe place and do all the work with your remote.


  •     It has high-level loading capacity per minute.
  •     Includes magnet gear for more assistance.
  •     Safe and secure with rainproof quality.
  •    Confirms corrosion resistance and durability.
  •     Offers technical assistance for lifetime support.


      The installation process is tough.

4.    SuperATV Black Ops 2500 LB Winch Kit

Image Credit: Super ATV

To save your Polaris Sportsman from unexpected situations, you need to have one of the best winch machines. For that, SuperATV is here. With this, you can pull out your ATV or UTV from any circumstance and get back to riding. It’s waterproof too!

SuperATV is mainly a complete package. It has everything, including the wireless remote and handlebar rocker.

With the remote, you can easily turn on/off the machine and the handlebar helps you to hold it properly.

In addition, it has a 166:1 gear ratio with a 50’ synthetic ripe that’ll help you to pull out your vehicle from bogs, mud, or creeks. It can pull up to 2500lb capacity.

You’ll get an aluminum fairlead, winch hook kit, rope stopper, rocker switch, and pull strap for any further convenience. Plus, the auto brake will help you control easily, which is of great quality.

Lastly, the installation process is easier here. You’ll get all the instructions in a detailed way which will help you to do the work accurately.


  • Includes every essential that’s needed for installation.
  • Waterproof for any rainy or water situations.
  • Has the largest capacity to lift heavy materials.
  • Comes with a remote and handlebar for ease of use.
  • Auto brakes help to control quickly.


  • Extra bolts and rollers aren’t added.

5. MotoAlliance UTV/ATV 3000lb Winch Kit

MotoAlliance UTV/ATV 3000lb Winch Kit
Image Credit: MotoAlliance

For the last one, we have a solid winch from MotoAlliance. This Viper Midnight machine is not only rigid but also compatible with almost every brand, including Yamaha, Honda, Polaris, Kubota, Suzuki, Can-am, and many more.

The package of this winch comes with all the items you need in your mounting session. For example, it has wiring, roller fairlead, handlebar switch, and solenoid.

All these things will help you to lift your heavy vehicle (up to 3000lb) with proper assistance and convenience. It’s also adaptable to any terrain.

Equipped with a 1.1 HP permanent magnet motor, this ATV winch boasts both mechanical load holding and a dynamic brake for enhanced functionality.

The robust motor guarantees dependable pulling power, simplifying the process of rescuing your ATV/UTV from challenging situations when stuck.

On the flip side, the hardware is all stainless steel so no worries about the durability at all.


  • Compatible with almost every branded vehicle.
  • Comes with all the essentials for easy installation.
  • Provides a magnet motor for smooth pulling work.
  • Stainless steel hardware won’t get rusty quickly.


  • The instructions aren’t detailed.

Things to Look for Before Buying the Best Winch for Polaris Sportsman 570

There are a few things you need to remember before getting the winch for your Polaris sportsman 570. They are – 


Before buying any winch, you must know the capacity of your vehicle. Or else, you’ll be disillusioned to get the right winch. 

However, for Polaris sportsman 570, any winch starting from 2000lb is enough. But the winch capacity can increase depending on the weight you’re carrying. 


Always remember to check if your winch package has a handlebar, hook system, fairlead, synthetic rope, and rocker switch.

Without these things, your installation process and the mounting procedure won’t be smooth.

Remote Control

Well, any machine with a remote makes it easier to use. Winches are just like that. Purchase one with an amazing remote control for your convenience.

Gear and Brake

You must have to check out the gear of your new winch if it’s 3 stages or not. Also, the brake should be automatic for superior control. If you don’t like auto brakes, it’s okay. The manual ones also do the work perfectly.

These will let you be safe, secure, and quick in any situation.


Last but not least, waterproof quality is needed in your winch machine. Sometimes, your Polaris might get stuck in a muddy place or rainy situation.

That time, this quality will be of great help.

Also, make sure the machine is well constructed and has a metal finish. This way you can be assured of the durability without any rust and corrosion.

How to Install a Winch on Polaris Sportsman 570?

Here we tried to guide you on how you should install a winch on your Polaris Sportsman 570. Let’s see,

  • Open the rack in the front and remove the nut that’s attached to the negative battery cable (black). Disconnect that cable.
  • After that, you need to remove the push rivets and pull that cover away.
  • Detach the 2 upper bolts from the bumper cover with a (13mm) socket.
  • Then again, detach the 2 lower bolts from that cover with another socket.
  • Once all these fasteners are removed, pull out the radiator screen and cover it together. Set them aside.
  • Before setting the winch, make sure the cable ties are all tightened and the wire routings are correct.
  • After checking, keep the black and red wires on the top of your winch and move the machine onto that radiator mount. Make sure all the wires can move freely without pinching between the winch assembly and the vehicle chassis.
  • Install the lower fasteners first because this way, the upper fasteners will be aligned. Set up the top screws on every side.
  •   Now, after your fasteners are installed, it’s time to torque them with a socket.
  • Run the black and red harness behind the radiator and the negative part of the battery.
  • Attach that harness to the frame hole which is situated between the body panel and the winch. Use any double cable tie for this.
  • Now it’s time to route the female white control connector. Connect the male white connector to Y harness and female connector to the contactor of the fairlead.
  • Connect the orange wire on your Polaris’s main harness. Then connect that harness (Y) to the main one. Attach the rear and front mounts on a handlebar. Fix that with 2 fasteners
  • Now, remove the main harness cap with a screwdriver and connect the switch rocker to that harness.
  • It’s time to install the positive and negative battery volts. After installing, connect black neg wires to neg battery and positive wires to positive battery.
  • Close the rack in the front while attaching 2 rubber latches. Then, reinstall the radiator panel access and turn the vehicle ON. Test the winch for your operation. Done!

You need to make sure to fasten all the screws properly back again and torque them accurately though. By following these steps, you can easily mount the winch to your Polaris Sportsman 570 we believe.

For better understand you can check the video:


1.    Is it worth getting a winch?

If you’re an off-rider, you must carry your winching tool with you. It’s very valuable, and can keep you and your vehicle away from danger.

With the right gear, motor and efficiency, the winch can be a lifesaver.

2.    Should I grease my winch cable?

Well, to keep your winch cable away from corrosion and rust, you need to use cable lubricant from time to time. This protects your cable from the inside out.

3.    Do winches have brakes?

Of course, they have brakes. All lifting winches really have a transmission or motor brake to give you better control.

However, some pulling winches might not have one!


That’s what we wanted to tell you about the winches for your lifting session. If you want a good outcome, you must have the best winch for Polaris sportsman 570 and that’s the fact.

Today, we stated the points and now it’s your turn to choose one. If you’re still confused or need a little suggestion, you can start with the SuperATV Black Ops 2500 LB Winch Kit. It has an automatic brake system that can lift up to 2500 lb. Besides, the handlebar, remote control, and waterproof quality are essential bonuses here.

Furthermore, always try to maintain the winch machine because it may get rusty without maintenance. Plus, consult with some professionals from time to time to keep your winch as news as always.

Good Luck!

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