Best Winch for Honda Pioneer 1000 to Pull Out Your Ride Smoothly (2023)

Even if you have the high-end Honda Pioneer 1000, it can get stuck now and then. Without a winch, you won’t be able to get your vehicle out, and an off-road rider knows how essential the winches are, so do you. 

Now, there’re specific winches for certain models of Pioneer 1000, based on their weight. For that, our aim in this article is to help you find out the best winch for Honda Pioneer 1000, according to your needs.

Well, it’s an uphill task to narrow down the choice, but with the help of experts and buyers’ opinions on winches, we took down the number to 5, and listed them accordingly below. 

So let’s dive into the reviews right away. Shall we?

Editor’s Choice

We’re placing these winches on top due to their versatile features and the facilities they offer. 

Best Overall: ZEAK Advanced 5500 lb. Electric Winch

“The one that sits between the right spot of all winches out there, it’s Zeak Advanced. With 1.6 HP, you can seamlessly see your Pioneer rolling out of harsh conditions.”

Incredible Weight Pulling Capacity: SuperATV Black OPS 6000 LB

“If you have a heavy-weight Honda Pioneer 1000 or any ATV/UTV, you can put your trust on this winch because of its giant motor power, 1.9HP.”

Budget Friendly Winch: Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb

“You obviously wouldn’t go for something costly when the budget is tight. In that case, if you wish to save a few bucks and get the top-notch winch, Champion is the one as the name goes.”

5 Best Winch for Honda Pioneer 1000 To Pull Off Any Harsh Situation

There’re loads of winches in the market right now. We considered the pulling capacity, rope materials, durability, water-resistant feature, etc., to figure out the best piece. But, how will you know which one to choose? Well, leave that part to us. 

1. ZEAK Advanced 5500 lb. Electric Winch

ZEAK Advanced 5500 lb. Electric Winch

If you’re here for the top-tier winch for your Honda Pioneer 1000, then, Zeak Advanced, our top pick, can’t go wrong. This one has a great pulling capacity with a corded remote control which is the cherry on the top.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pulling Capacity: 5500lb
  • Cable: 50ft Galvanized Steel Cable
  • Engine: 1.6 HP Motor
  • Remote: 12.3ft Remote Control
  • Brake: Dynamic 

This winch is designed with a powerful 1.6 HP 12v motor which can pull up a weight up to 5500lbs easily. If your Pioneer weighs below 2500lbs or around that, it’ll surely tackle that. Not only that, it can handle any other vehicle that comes around a similar weight.

With 50’x5/16” powder-coated steel cable, Zeak Advanced tries to avoid corrosion resistance as much as possible. In every situation, the winch will be reliable!

Controlling the machine here is even easier as it has a dynamic brake, 3 stage gear, and spooling clutch. These features will help your winch rope not to trip and break while pulling the Pioneer or even when it’s on running.

Let’s not forget about the extraordinary construction of this amazing electric winch. It’s made of metal material; thus, there’ll be no confusion about durability at all.

The installation process is easy too. It comes with everything like a hook with a thimble; winch strap sealed solenoid, circuit breaker, and mounting bracket so that you can install it all by yourself. 

Last but not least, it offers a corded remote control that’s 12.3ft for use from a good distance. Pretty convenient, isn’t it?


  • Comes with a corded remote control
  • Efficient brake system with 3 gears
  • All metal construction ensures durability
  • Powder-coated steel avoids corrosion resistance
  • Incredible horsepower motor pulls up the maximum weight


  • A bit noisy sometimes

2. Tyrannosaurus 5000lb Winch

Tyrannosaurus 5000 lbs winch

This tyrannosaurus looks as great as it performs. If you’re searching for something with an extra efficient speed, go for Tyrannosaurus.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pulling Capacity: 5000lb
  • Cable: 50ft Synthetic Cable
  • Engine: 1.8 HP Motor
  • Remote: Wireless
  • Waterproof: IP66

The winch can be used as a magnet motor with a 1.8 horsepower 12v DC system. It’ll confirm the high pulling speed with the superior braking system, so your winch won’t be stuck in the middle of the work. The motor will make sure the winch runs smoothly!

You don’t want to see your winch rusted away soon just because of the watery effects. Well, no worries, this piece comes with a water-resistant metal body to avoid any interaction with environmental corrosion. Consequently, the winch will last longer than you expect and won’t get in trouble in any water situation.

Besides, the synthetic rope, which is 50’x1/4”, confirms up to 5000lbs pulling capacity. It’ll also be fast and safe to pull up your Pioneer or any UTVs/ATVs, around 2000 – 2500 lb weight.

This winch comes with a huge box of a mounting bracket, weather-sealed solenoid, and circuit breaker. You can easily get the setup done with them!


  • Great horsepower with high pulling speed
  • Waterproof ability assures longevity
  • Applicable to different vehicles
  • Pulls up maximum capacity weight
  • Comes with proper guideline


  • The construction of remote control should be upgraded

3. Champion Power Equipment-14560 4500-lb

Champion 4500 lbs winch

How would you like a wireless winch that can be used from a safe distance with automatic shut-off? We bet you’ll love it. Not only that, but Champion power also offers a dynamic load holding that’s supported by one of the best components!

Highlighted Features:

  • Pulling Capacity: 4500 lb
  • Cable: 38ft Galvanized Aircraft Cable
  • Engine: 1.6 HP Motor
  • Remote: Wireless
  • Break: Dynamic

The first thing to notice about this wonderful winch is the wireless control. You can literally operate it from a 50-foot radius distance whenever you want. Plus, it switches off automatically when not in use to conserve your Pioneer’s or any other vehicle’s battery.

Again, an incredible engine is here too. A 1.6 HP motor system with 3 planetary gear ensures the fast speed and the cooling of the winch parts altogether. Don’t worry about a heated situation for the winch, as Champion is the safest one!

And the motor does wonder when it comes to pulling 4500 lb weight. It can pull at a 4.6ft/min rate speed when your Pioneer is at full load, but you can see a 12.8ft/min pull speed with zero loads.

You’ll be glad to know about the mini rocker switch here. What it does is it comes with the handlebar with the spooling clutch that’ll provide you with utmost control over the winch motion. 

It comes with a clevis hook with a handy strap for any kind of emergency situation too.

Plus, the winch is elegantly designed with a galvanized aircraft steel cable, which will prevent abrasion and corrosion without wearing out. Your machine will last longer with this feature that we can promise!


  • Automatic shutoff feature to sustain vehicle’s battery
  • Offers higher line speed comparatively
  • Prevents load slippage for safety
  • Galvanized steel cable confirms corrosion resistance
  • Mini switch for utmost motion control


  • The buttons of the remote should be updated

4. SuperATV Black 6000 LB

SuperATV Black 6000lbs Winch

If you’re a proud owner of a 3 or 5 seater Pioneer, for example, Pioneer 1000-5, or a UTV/ATV that weighs around 3000 – 3500 lb along with cargo weight, it’ll be tremendously challenging to pull with a typical winch. Well, say your worries goodbye; SuperATV Black will back you up in this situation. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Pulling Capacity: 6000 lb
  • Cable: 50ft Synthetic Cable
  • Engine: 1.9 HP Motor
  • Remote: Wireless
  • Waterproof: Yes

Using synthetic rope is one of the reasons why you should consider SuperATV Black. It comes with a 50ft synthetic rope that supports 6000 lb pulling capacity without glitches in any severe conditions. 

Again, what makes this winch is more interesting is the wireless remote. Within a safe range of 50ft radius, you can operate the wireless remote and keep yourself unharmed.

However, the mounting plate attached to the kit fits most of the winch mounts that are around 3-inch x 6.6-inch sizes. But it may not fit your ride. Well, the great news is you can find multiple plates for various models everywhere. Just you’ve to purchase it differently. 

Oh yes, you’ll get a very readable winch operating manual which will help you to understand everything you want!

Last but not least, the stand-out feature of this device is the 1.9 HP motor. This gigantic motor does all the wonders of pulling. You can check it out if you’re after a power-packed winch.


  • Easy and quiet installation
  • Unbreakable synthetic rope avoids injuries
  • The water-resistant feature increases longevity
  • Solenoid included with the kit
  • Mini rocker switch for convenience


  • Though the operating manual is simple to understand, detailed instruction is needed.

5. WARN 101040 VRX 45-S Powersports Winch

WARN 101040 VRX 45-S

We know most of you try to keep the low maintenance, and nothing’s wrong with that. In fact, Warn winches will guarantee you the best deal ever. It also has an auto load-holding brake which is the plus point!

Highlighted Features:

  • Pulling Capacity: 4500 lb
  • Cable: 50ft Synthetic Cable
  • Remote: Wired Remote Control
  • Waterproof: IP68

Well, the construction of the winch matters the most, and this winch right here proves that. A wholly metal-constructed body prevents all the corrosion that can harm the winch, and the black powder coating adds more security to it. 

Again, it features an amazing design of a 4WD Hub lock that confirms gentle shifting between engaged and free spool mode – security ensured.

This tool has an enormous weight pulling capacity, 4500lbs, to pull your Honda Pioneer 1000 effortlessly, though it’s a bit less than other giants from the list but will pull off your job. 

And the 50ft synthetic rope makes sure the pulling job is finished within a moment Plus, you won’t have to worry about breaks. The zinc-plated hook ensures your winch doesn’t break or trip during the mission. 

Thankfully, the Powersports winch confirms water resistance with the rating of IP68 to prevent moisture and water damage at any cost. How cool is that!

You’ll get the auto load holding brake and 3 stage gear for reliable and smooth pulling operation. These two features confirm your safety, and they won’t let the winch break or go out of control!


  • Prolonged build quality ensured due to the black powder coating
  • Waterproof resistant to fight against moist and humidity
  • 3 planetary-gear train assures initial magnificent power
  • Legendary 4WD Hub-lock for accessible shifting
  • Corded remote control to operate from a safe distance


  • Extra screws and clips should be added to the mounting kit

Things to Consider Before Buying Winch for Honda Pioneer 1000

Now that you know about different winches, it’s time for you to remember some key points before purchasing the best winch for Honda Pioneer 1000. We’re sure you don’t want to waste your money and time on something that’s not worth it, right?

Types of Winches

There’re two types of winches, Electrical and Hydraulic. 

Electrical winches get their power from the battery of your vehicle and the electrical system. On the other hand, hydraulic winches get it from your vehicle’s power steering pump.

Electric winches are easy to install and have a large wind speed that can be great for you. They come with a corded remote control. Thus, you can use the winch from a safe distance.

Again, the hydraulic ones are reliable and not affected by water or low battery power.

You’ve to think about what type you want before you go shopping so that you can be determined and your time doesn’t waste.

Winch Capacity

Well, knowing the winch capacity is one of the most important things to consider. You should know the line pull rating of the winch manufacturer. It’s basically a combination of the tensile strength of the drum-line and the winch’s mechanical capacity.

Try to multiply 2 times with your vehicle weight (GVWR), and you’ll have the result. 

And no worries, if you don’t know the vehicle’s weight, make sure to buy a larger winch. The larger the capacity of the winch is, the stronger it can work.

Winch Motor

There’re also 2 types of winch motor. They’re series wound motor and magnet motor.

  • Series Wound Motor – This type is used by field coils to develop the magnetic field. They’re strong, powerful, and expensive. If you live in cold weather, it’ll be a good choice.
  • Magnet Motor – It’s great for light medium-duty works. Also, the motor is less expensive so anyone can use them for a long time. However, they’re less tolerant of the heat so be sure of using it carefully.

Remote Control

Well, we all want to work easily but effectively. Having a remote in our hands can make that happen. 

There’re 2 types of remote controls provided with the winch. One’s corded and the other’s cordless. You can have either of them for suitable work purposes. But in our opinion, cordless is better as it gives you a chance to operate from a safe distance.

Waterproof Feature

Waterproof quality is needed if you’re a travel freak or have to go on different sites. For that, your winch may face loads of harsh elements. You should choose a winch that has sealed or rated IP68 waterproof motor housing!

Cable Length

So what size winch for Honda Pioneer 100 you’ll choose? Well, check for the length of the cable that’s not too long or too short. It should be of average length, like 50ft – more than enough, in our opinion.

Frequently asked Questions

What is the towing capacity of a Honda Pioneer 1000?

The towing capacity of Honda Pioneer 1000 is 2000 pounds, or you can call it 1 ton. You can stay right in the vehicle and tackle the bigger jobs easily by using this one!

What is the difference between Honda Pioneer 1000 and 1000 Deluxe?

Honda Pioneer 1000 has 6 forward speeds with reverse. It also has 2 gearing ranges (high & low). On the other hand, 1000 Deluxe has 3 shift modes (manual, standard & sport) with paddle shifting.

What size winch do I need for Honda Pioneer 700?

You’ll need a winch with 4000 – 4500 lbs for your Honda Pioneer 700. Make sure it has the best line speed with reliable gear of all-metal construction!


Alright then, we hope you’ve got the best winch for Honda Pioneer 1000 already. Just try you took a note from our valuable buying guide so that no major point gets missed.

Now, if you’re still in a dilemma to pick the right one, we’d go for ZEAK Advanced 5500 lb Electric Winch. It has all the features, including the 1.6HP motor, 50ft galvanized steel rope, you’ll ever need for the best outcome, and sits just right between 5000 and 6000 lbs winches. 

However, no matter which one you choose from this list, you’ll be satisfied unless you don’t miss out on the buying guide, we promise!

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