Best Winch for Can-Am Outlander (2024)

The truth is young generations today are much obsessed with vehicles that offer phenomenal power and make people go wow with their marvelous stability.

Luckily Can-Am Outlander fits the position. It has amazing horsepower that you may already know. Despite these abilities, the wheeler can also meet some unexpected situations.

We mean anything like getting stuck in the mud, low battery, or any kind of breakage of the car parts. In that condition, there’s only one solution – having a premium winch.

Finding the best winch for Can-Am Outlander isn’t a simple task. That’s why we’re here to make your job easier with our detailed article about Can-Am Winches, how to Install them, what should be the capacity and some of the best product reviews.

Let’s get started then, shall we?

Editor’s Choice

We’re placing these winches on top due to their versatile features and the facilities they offer. 

“It’s the best model for those who want an excellent winch with their desired features. You have the freedom to choose the cable and standard size of the winch.”

“This winch comes at an affordable price yet provides a standard gear ratio, strong cable, and sturdy winch construction.”

“Warn 101240 is the most powerful winch on our list due to its pulling power of 4500 lbs.”

Who Makes Can-Am Winches?

There’re several leading companies that provide winches for your Can-Am Outlander. But you have to make sure they’re original, though. 

For example, WARN VRX is there with the best overalls, Superwinch allows the budget-friendly purchase, Powersports winch and Badlands are offering new features, Mad Dog winch confirms steel gears.

What Are The Models of Can-Am Outlander?

The complete line of the available manufactures is basically shown by models. For Can-Am Outlander, there’re varieties. Following chart will show you different models of Can-Am Outlander models and what level of winch you’ll need.

Can-Am Outlander ModelSpeedRequired Winch WeightRecommended Product
57060-62 mph2000lbsUtility Trailer Winch
650Beyond 60 mph3000lbsWarn VRX 35-S Winch
85062 mph3000lbsSuperwinch LT3000
DPS 65062 mph2000lbsUtility Trailer Winch
DPS 85078 mph3000lbsWarn VRX 35-S Winch
100091 mph3500lbsMad Dog 3500lb Winch
MAX 6X6 DPS 65062 mph4500lbsWarn Axon 45RC Winch
MAX DPS 65062 mph4500lbsWarn Axon 45RC Winch
MAX 6X6 XT62 mph4500lbsWarn Axon 45RC Winch
X XC88 mph3000lbsSuperwinch LT3000

You have to choose one that fulfills all your requirements.

What Should be The Ideal Pulling Capacity of a Winch for a Specific Can-Am Outlander?

See, the heavier your vehicle is, the stronger winch you’ll need. We all know winches are used to clearing and pulling debris, hoisting huge heavy loads, and many more.

The weight of your winch should be able to pull 1.5 times the weight of your car. That’s how the vehicle and the machine won’t be damaged too fast.

Though 1.5 times is a minimum rate, most of the brands suggest exceeding the capacity 2 times, even more in case of security.

Best Winch for Can-Am Outlander Reviews

After weeks of researching and collecting the customer’s feedback, we found the 5 top-notch winches for Can-Am Outlander, considering the capacity, durability, water, and corrosion resistance. 

No matter what you choose from this list, your possession will be in safe hands!

WARN 101030 VRX 35-S Powersports Winch

WARN 101030 VRX 35-S Winch
Image from: Canadian Tire

The very first product on our list can be tagged as one of the best warn winches of all time by WARN VRX because of its massive popularity across the whole world and for its abilities towards any vehicle. 

As we all know, the construction of the Can-Am winch matters the most when it’s about finding the best one. This winch right here comes with an extraordinary design that’s WARN 4WD Hub lock which ensures easy shifting between free and engaged spool mode.

With the synthetic rope of 50” length along with the hawse fairlead, it brings out tremendous weight capacity, ranging from 2500lbs to 4500lbs, to pull the Can-Ams, UTVs, or ATVs. You can hit the hay effortlessly with this rope.

For corrosion resistance, the WARN VRX features all-metal construction, including the powder-coated gloss black finish.  It prevents environmental deterioration easily.

Thankfully, the winch also confirms the waterproof capacity with an IP68 rating to avoid water and moisture damage at any cost. How amazing is that!

Therefore, for the leading control, you’ll get a load-holding brake as the cherry on the top. Interesting enough? Actually, it is!

And not to forget the utmost pleasure – remote controlling. You get a handlebar-mounted rocker switch to operate the pulling operation seamlessly. 


  • All metal construction ensures corrosion resistance
  • IP68 rating to reduce moisture and water damage
  • 3 stage gear system offers initial magnificent power
  • Convenient shifting with 4WD Hublock
  • Tremendous pulling power to 


  • The mounting kit should include extra clips and screws

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 12V DC Winch

Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 ATV Winch
Image Credit: Summit Racing

We know it’s an uphill battle to find the best ATV winch for money when you have a shoestring budget but hold your horses, the Superwinch can be your solution. It offers all the premium features within budget. 

Starting with steel wire rope, it comes 3/16 inch x 50ft length size, which can pull out 3000lbs weight perfectly without a hitch. That totally justifies the budget, doesn’t it?

Plus, the roller fairlead can execute in 4 ways to tackle down a heavy load of pulling with free spooling. It’ll save you a good chunk of time, indeed.

Thinking of doing more heavy-duty pulling work? Well, good news for you then. This DC winch offers a clevis pinned heavy-duty design with a 1.2 HP large performance motor to handle challenging tasks easily.

Moreover, the motor is sealed to be corrosion-free and environmentally friendly, while preventing further overheating issues. As we know, most vehicles can be harmed by overheating; Superwinch tries to avoid that!

A remote control is always an extra advantage for us who like to keep it fast and uncomplicated. This winch is no exception. It comes with a corded handheld remote and rocker switch for you to use in your convenient way.  

Plus, for your safety purpose, it’ll offer you an auto load-holding brake which is praiseworthy! You don’t have to think about the loads; the winch will take care of it for you!


  • Clevis pinned design in the system allows heavy-duty tasks
  • Automatic load hold brake provides utmost safety
  • No overheating issues with the system
  • Long wires can be used in distanced places
  • Corded remote and rocker switch offers convenient usage


  • The motor of the winch can cause difficulties if not taken care of wisely

WARN 101240 AXON 45RC Powersports Winch

WARN 101240 AXON 45RC Powersports Winch
Image Credit: Montana Jacks Outpost

If your ATV weighs over 3000 lbs, your winch should weigh 1.5 times more to carry the weight effortlessly. In this case, WARN AXON is an excellent option.

It comes with a robust capacity of 4500 lb to support your car when it’s needed. You can rest assured of carrying any vehicle whenever in an emergency.

Besides, all that destructive pulling capacity comes from 27” length x 1/4” diameter synthetic rope, making it the best winch with synthetic rope out there. Other essential instruments like black hook and hawse fairlead contribute a lot to the pulling force.

And not to forget, you can gently use the wired remote and control switch for your convenience!

Plus, the automatic load-holding brake in the winch makes sure you get great control over the machine! Otherwise, causing severe damage would be a matter of seconds.

However, as we know, metal-based components are way stronger than typical parts, and this tool is a living example of that. This winch packs reliable and soft 3 stage gear with all-metal construction for heavy task purposes. 

Let’s not forget about the Motactor, a combination of motor, and contactor. It increases the pulling power, gives the winch more strength, and makes the installation easy. 

For outer protection, this tool is powder-coated with a satin black finish, which ensures ultimate durability. Again the fasteners with stainless steel resist corrosion too while ensuring prolonged life.

It’s common to be in high heels, watery areas, but steel is prone to these types of situations. However, the IP68 waterproof resistance covers all the moisture and water destruction risks to your winch. 


  • Corrosion resistance prolongs the durability
  • Easy installation can happen with the motactor
  • Availability of auto load-holding brake to avoid accidents
  • IP68 rating ensures water to swipe away from the body
  • Heavy weight pulling capacity even in steep situations


  • Some complain about the breakage of the synthetic rope
  • It can break your bank

Utility Trailer Winch with Steel Rope by Badlands

Badland 2000 lb ATV/UTV winch
Image Credit: Harbor Freight Tools

Steel winch ropes have to be always durable and easy to maintain. And if you’re something like that, go for Badlands. It’ll give you the sweet taste of easy maintenance in pulling tasks. 

The Badland can pull in 2000 lb weighted ATVs, mowers, Can-Am Outlanders, UTVs, watercraft, etc into a trailer with the 50’ x 5/32’ cable. It can be highly beneficial in off-road journeys. 

And why trailer? Because it’s specially designed for a trailer to carry vehicles and additional equipment from one place to another, including emergency situations. 

Not to mention, the wired remote pulls the big game here of all. It’ll give you a clear lead in view, 6ft from remote to the battery, and 4ft from remote to winch. In that way, you’ll see what’s going where.

If you don’t want the rope to wear out too easily and want a strong, extruded, welded, and brazed winch, this winch can let you devour that taste. It has a zinc-plated aircraft-grade cable that ensures extreme resilience and abrasion resistance than other wires. 

Easy installation is the bonus point of this device which surely adds extra advantage. You just need to mount the fairlead, attach the control box and then mount your winch through the plate bumper plate in the front. Easy!

Moreover, the 3 planetary gear system will slow down the motor and will increase torque (the main power of the winch) whenever needed. You won’t have to keep checking always.

And, of course, the size of the winch matters. No worries; this piece can hoard in your pocket or bag to carry anywhere you like as it’s lightweight as well. 


  • Provides exceptional durability due to zinc coating
  • Easy to install and maintain the ropes
  • Extreme resilience to a prolonged lifecycle
  • Three gear system for the maximum accessibility
  • Lightweight and small size to carry around


  • The installation process can be a little tricky if you aren’t careful

Mad Dog 3500 lb Winch Mount Combo Can-Am Outlander

Mad Dog 3500 lb Winch Mount Combo Can-Am Outlander
Image Credit: Mad Dog Products

Look, a winch needs to work when we need it to work. And when it’s about hard work, including farming, plowing, Mad Dog Winch is a winner. Its triple steel planetary gear ensures the hard work becomes an effortless one with a gear ratio of 171:1. 

Aside from the painstaking work, this extraordinary winch has a capacity of 3500 lb with a steel wire rope of 3/16” x 50’, which means it can easily drag your four-wheeler. You don’t have to sacrifice your extra strength. 

Besides, the all-metal constructed clutch and standard mounting structure of 4 holes really carry off heavy-duty tasks, like tugging cars, mowers, especially ATVs, making the best winch for ATV along with utmost support.

Plus, you won’t love to get the solenoid and motor of your winch get drenched in damp areas. Well, the water-resistance features keep it sealed to lash out all unnecessary elements. 

Finally, the machine comes with an electrical remote so you can use it from a good distance however you want.

Lastly, if you think you can’t hold the brake for a longer time, leave it to the autoload brake. So, what are you cooling your heel for, then?


  • Easy to pull off heavy tasks with the standard mount design
  • Waterproof resistance enhances the longevity
  • Electrical remote to carry out the task from a safe distance
  • Triple steel gear assures firm built and durability
  • Auto load braker eases the tasks and secures incoming incdients


  • The wires can be more longer

Things to Look For Before Buying the Best Winch for Can Am Outlander 

Picking the right winch within your budget can be challenging as hundreds of options are out there in the market. Keeping some factors in your mind will surely help you to buy the best winch for Can-Am Outlander we believe.

Winch Size

What size witch you need is determined by your ATV weight. When your ATV is stuck, it requires way more pulling capacity than other times. 

Most of the time, the selection of the winch size is made by multiplying 1.5 with the gross weight of the vehicle. For example, suppose the weight of your ATV is 1000 pounds, and in this case, the least capable of the winch should be 1500 pounds. 

However, most people suggest selecting a winch of 3500 pounds for ATV. The reason behind it is, a 3500 pounds winch works best in most circumstances since it comes with the max pulling power. 

Less than 3000 pounds of winch can sometimes not be enough to provide the maximum pulling power your Can-Am Outlander needs.


We all know how important the motor is; a motor in a vehicle can be compared to the human heart. Before you select the required power of the winch motor, you have to know your need and the use of your an Am ATV. 

Gearing and Pulling Power

Just like the torque of the wheel is essential for your vehicle, the gear part also plays a vital role. The main purpose of gearing in a winch is to change the motor speed, which is pretty important.

A good gear ratio ranges from 150:1 to 300:1; this ratio gives a winch the best-pulling strength. The function of the winch is pretty similar to the axle gears; the higher the ratio is, the more force it can provide.

However, you have to determine how much force the winch drum is needed to drive when choosing a winch. Here’s the approximate number of pulling capacity that different layers of rope on the drum can handle: 

Rope layers on the drumRemaining pulling capacity (in percentage)Remaining pulling capacity (in weight; example: 2000 lb)
1100%2000 lb
291%1775 lb
382%1550 lb
469%1225 lb
558%900 lb

Apart from that, you may love to know how to double the winch pulling power. Read more from here if you’re interested. 

Winch Cable/Rope

Two types of cables are used with winches, such as wires and synthetic. Both of these cables have significant differences that you need to know before deciding which one you should purchase. 

Wires CableSynthetic Cable
The wire rope consists of many small strands of spirally wound steel.The synthetic rope is designed with synthetic fibers. 
Make sure to wear gloves using this oneThis cable is absolutely safe for hands
Wires rope will be a better option for frequent usesSynthetic rope can wear out quickly.
This cable is heat resistant.Can’t take excessive heat for a long time
They are heavier.This cable is lightweight; it can even float in the water.
Wire cables are cheaper.Synthetic cables are costly.

Now you should know which cable you should go for. However, you should also focus on the length of the cable. The general rule is, “The bigger the cable/rope is, the better the pulling strength.”

Waterproof Resistance

If you often go on adventures where your vehicle involves mud and water, then having a waterproof can am outlander winch should be your prime concern.

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating of a winch determines the level of protection against trespassing of water. In addition, waterproof winches also classify the level of trespassing mud, dust, and debris besides water that is usually faced on trails.

IP rating numbers indicate against what the winch works best. For example, if the rating is six, it can work best against dust besides mud and water. 

Next, if the rating is seven, it indicates the power of submerging the winch above 1 meter for more than 30 minutes. 

When the IP rating is eight, it denotes the capacity to run continuous winches on the water up to 3 meters deep. 

Charging Condition

Your vehicle’s charging system is also an essential factor to consider before buying a winch, but somehow people skip this matter. Besides, it affects the winch performance as well as your budget. 

Winches need a mass amperage more than the alternator can offer. But don’t worry, since winches are used for a short time, the battery gets enough time to power the winch. 

We’d suggest you choose high-end winches as they don’t require a deep battery cycle and give you more working time with winches.


Good-quality winches come with various safety features. The purchasing process will become easier if you already know what safety features you need in a winch. 

The key features that you should pay attention to first are circuit breakers, dynamic braking, and remote. 

Know Your Budget

Once you learn what winch size and other facilities you require, look for winch models that come within your budget, winch prices differ depending on their dimensions, construction, and features, and winches range from $100 to $1000. 

That’s why you have to decide your price range first, then search for the suitable winch models within your range. 

How Do You Install a Winch on a Can-Am Outlander

Installing a winch to your can am outlander can be easy if you know the process; otherwise, it can be a little tricky.

  • The first thing you need to do is to remove the front fascia of your vehicle. It includes the gaslight, middle portion of the fascia, deflector, and screws holding the headlight. You have to remove all of them.
  • Next, detach the screws on the shock brace and under the hood located on the driver’s side. For the clips that are holding the wiring, try to disconnect them.
  • After that, carefully separate the harness from the shroud and the radiator of the machine!
  • Once you take off all the hardware from the front side, install the fairlead adapter that came with the winch you’ve purchased. Make sure the winch is heavier than your car.
  • Now, install the lock and flat washer. Then, it’s time to set up the winch mount and the winch itself to the mount. Use the innermost holes if the weight of the winch is around 3500 pounds. But if it’s around 4500-5000 pounds, then use outermost holes.
  • Next, pull the winch rope that’s connected to the fairlead. Attach the clevis hook and stopper together, then pull the strap. 
  • Make sure to install all the clips coming with the mounting kit. Then reinstall and tight all other components.

The process may look tricky right now, but it won’t take much time once you start doing the actual work.

Aside from that, you can also learn how to make a winch ground anchor to make your pulling work easier. 

Who Makes Can-Am Winches?

Several leading companies provide winches for your Can-Am Outlander. But you have to make sure they’re original, though. 

For example, WARN VRX is there with the best overalls, Superwinch allows the budget-friendly purchase, Powersports winch and Badlands are offering new features, Mad Dog winch confirms steel gears.

What Should be The Ideal Pulling Capacity of a Winch for a Specific Can-Am Outlander?

See, the heavier your vehicle is, the stronger winch you’ll need. We all know winches are used to clearing and pulling debris, hoisting huge heavy loads, and many more.

The weight of your winch should be able to pull 1.5 times the weight of your car. That’s how the vehicle and the machine won’t be damaged too fast.

Though 1.5 times is a minimum rate, most of the brands suggest exceeding the capacity even more in case of security.

Frequently Asked Questions


Now you know the best winch for Can-Am Outlander that’ll help you survive any situation with your outlander easily. Yes, it’s not that simple to find the best one we know, but we hope we’ve given you enough information for you to decide.

Once again, for overall perfection, go for Warn 101030 VRX 35-S Powersports winch. The corrosion resistance and 3 stage gear system will be worth the bucks.

And if you’re on a tight budget, try Superwinch 1130220 LT3000 12V DC Winch. We hope it’ll fulfill all your demands!

No matter which one you choose from our recommendations, make sure you put your serious attention on the pulling power, rope strength, can am mount, and winch size. Hope all the information included above was helpful for you to make a choice. 

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