Badlands Winch Remote Not Working: Fixed

A Winch remote is a device that helps you operate a winch efficiently from a safe distance. But sometimes, it might not work as it should. Those who own a badlands winch know that there are several reasons for their badlands winch remote not working. 

Whether this is due to a faulty battery or a damaged remote, you can repair it yourself. In this article, I will explore all the reasons and solutions for your malfunctioning winch remote.

It’s time to get that remote working again!

Badlands Winch Remote Not Working- Reasons & Solutions

Badlands winches are known for their innovation and quality. However, this great winch manufacturer is often criticized for the wireless winch remote control they provide. It’s quite common to find badlands winch remote controls breaking down after a few days of usage. If you own one that is not functioning correctly, you can do a few things to solve your problem.

  • Dead Battery

Badlands uses a 12V lithium-ion battery in their winch remote. It’s possible for the battery to die out or not have enough juice to power the device after multiple uses.

Solution: You should consider buying new batteries for your winch remote. Swap out the factory batteries, try these Duracell Batteries for long-lasting use and always keep a few extra batteries on hand.

  • Insufficient wireless range

The wireless remote control performs flawlessly within a range of 25 to 30 feet. Often, it would not function unless you were directly in front of the winch.

Solution:  You can try extending the range of the remote but keep in mind that this will void the warranty. The antenna from your control box is a little green wire used to pick up signals. Using an alligator clip, extend the antenna wire from the control box and attach it to the antenna on your car. It should be two times longer than the original length. Maintain an upward-pointing position for the antennae at all times.

  • Resetting the remote

It’s common for your winch remote to occasionally lose frequency and become unpaired with your winch. To get them back in sync, try reconnecting the winch and remote controller once more.

Solution: Pairing the remote with the winch is easy and doesn’t take much time. Check out the How Do You Program A Badlands Winch Remote section to learn more.

  • Contact with Water

Unfortunately, the Badlands winch remote is not waterproof. So if water gets into the control box or the winch remote, it will cause it to stop working.

Solution: Always keep the winch remote away from liquids and make sure to dry them if by any chance it gets wet.

  • Dirt Particles inside remote

Even though the remote is weather resistant, Dirt particles in a winch remote (such as sand and dust) can cause the electrical components within to corrode. This prevents the remote from functioning properly.

Solution: Clean the remote and keep it fresh by using a microfiber cloth.

  • Antenna is damaged

Examine the small green cable inside your remote control box. This wire acts as a signal receiver. 

Solution: If you find this small control lead from the remote is damaged, then replace it.

  • Unresponsive or Delay issue

When using your winch remote, if it takes some time for the winch wire to act after you click the button, then the remote may have a responsiveness issue. 

Solution: Use fully charged batteries in your remote for the winch to operate properly. Keep the remote within the range to ensure this doesn’t happen.

  • Universal Winch Remote 

If the solutions discussed above are not working for you, then a universal winch remote will be a better option. You can try this wireless remote

as badlands winch remote replacement. It is supported by a  wide range of brands and the installation process is very easy.

If you’ve bought the remote recently you may check out the warranty policy of badlands to get a replacement for it to which of course limitations apply.

How Do You Program A Badlands Winch Remote

Many people have problems with their Badlands winch remotes. It’s very common for the remote to get unpaired with a winch and needs to be reprogrammed. Follow this step-by-step guide to program your winch remote:

  1. Press and hold the ON/OFF button for three seconds (LED will turn on) to turn the remote ON.
  2. Press and hold the IN and OUT buttons for 20 seconds (LED will flash 1x per second) to clear the current programming.
  3. Release the IN and OUT buttons when the LED is on and no longer flashing (after 20 flashes).
  4. Press and hold the IN and OUT buttons for three seconds. The LED will turn off and then back on.

The remote has been programmed. If it still seems complicated, you can watch this video. 

Badland Winch Remote Wiring Diagram

The wiring process is a little complicated. Follow the given diagram and connect all the color-coded wires as shown. You have the option to use a wired remote controller and a wireless remote controller. Make the connections as directed below:

Wired Remote wiring

To operate the winch with wired remote control, connect the cord to the solenoid box’s remote socket.

Wireless Remote wiring

If you wish to use the wireless remote, connect your winch’s wireless controller box to the solenoid box. This controller box will act as a receiver for the wireless remote.

Image Source

Badlands Winch Wireless Remote Installation Guide

The Badlands Winch Wireless Remote allows you to control your winch safely and securely. You won’t need to be near your winch for it to work. Read through this installation guide and you’ll be ready to install the wireless remote in no time.

  1. Attach the red and black wires from the receiver to the color-coded terminals on the winch.
  2. Next, attach the red cable to the circuit breaker and then to the positive terminal on the battery.
  3. Then connect the long black cable from the receiver directly to the battery’s negative terminal.
  4. Now you need to program the wireless remote. Follow the above How Do You Program A Badlands Winch Remote segment to do it properly

How Do I Reset My Badlands Winch Remote?

If you have the wireless remote for a Badlands winch and it’s not functioning properly, you might consider resetting it. There are two ways of doing it.

Method-1: By pressing and holding the ON button for 3 seconds, turn on the remote. Then, press and hold the IN and OUT buttons simultaneously for 20 seconds. The LED will blink before stopping. Now press both buttons once more until the LED turns off and then on again. 

Method-2: In this method, disconnect the receiver from the solenoid box and attach it again. Reprogram the remote by following the above process and it should work properly now.

Final Thoughts

A  winch remote uses a simple mechanism, yet many things can go wrong with it. They can seem complicated at first, but once you identify the problem try the solutions mentioned to quickly repair your winch remote. I hope that this article helps you troubleshoot your badlands winch remote issues.

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