Are Badland Winches Any Good: A Guide for Users

You are riding off-road and get stuck in any situation that time you feel the necessity of a good winch. Then when you are in the market for a winch, there is a high chance that you will come across Badland. But are Badland winches any good?

It’s a wise purchase for someone looking for a strong, reliable, economical winch with a huge weight capacity.

Continue reading to find out more about Badland winches and whether they are the right brand for you.

Are Badland Winches Any Good

There are several reasons why Badland is always brought up in discussions concerning recovery winches. Let’s discover some of the characteristics that make Badland so appealing to customers.


Badland winches are built to be durable. Its Apex series comes with a powerful series-wound motor that optimizes power delivery and minimizes heat excess while maintaining fast line speeds.

Provide a three-stage planetary gear system for fast line speed pulling with an automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety. 

With a 12,000 lb capacity and a little over 90 pounds of weight, you can put this on a big rig with no difficulty.

Build Quality

Badland winch’s build quality is really very impressive and looks absolutely stunning. High-strength alloy steel oversized premium hook offer easy rigging. For easy and cable-free winching Badland manufactured wireless and wired both remote operation controls. 

Very organized build quality will help you to install the winch within less than an hour. Its front aluminum hawse fairlead is optimized to extend synthetic rope life.


The Badland winch offers a large variety of highly efficient winches for trucks and trailers, ATVs and UTVs. For your pulling requirements, you may choose among the Badland Apex series, Zxr Series, or just the Badland series. 

The Badland ZXR 9000lbs and 12000lbs winch and the Badland Apex 12000lbs winch with synthetic or steel cable are available for truck and SUV owners. There are winches with capacities of 1500 pounds to 2500 pounds for trailer users and 2500 pounds to 5500 pounds for ATVs and UTVs from the ZXR and Apex series.

Winch Rope

Badland provides outstanding rope for their winches. Its Apex series comes with aircraft-grade wire rope. Also made of steel and synthetic wire winch. But Badland winches don’t come with different rope options for the same model winch.


Badland winches are the ultimate budget-friendly winch manufacturer. Depending upon the model, capacity, motor power of winches their price ranges from $70-$650. Badland Apex series winch is pricier than other winches of Badland.


A badland winch warranties its product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of pressure with applicable limitations.

Pros And Cons Of Badland Winches


  • Durable aircraft-grade steel cable
  • Comes with cable extenders
  • Heavy build quality
  • Simple installation process
  • Both Wireless and wired remote controlling
  • Completely waterproof
  • Absolutely budget-friendly


  • Short warranty period
  • Fixed winch rope.

Is It Worth The Money?

Badland winch is the ideal deal for people who want a professional product but do not wish to squander their funds. Additionally, it provides a good quantity of recovery services for the price it is being offered, enabling it to endure harsh environments and poor handling. So undoubtedly, Badland winch is worth the money. 


Are Badland winches waterproof?

Ans: Badland winches are IP68 and IP69K rated dustproof, waterproof and high-pressure resistant.

Who sells badland winches?

Ans: Harbor Freight tools company sells badland winches under the Badland Winches Trademark.

How much does a 12000 lb Badland winch weigh?

Ans: 12000 lb Badland winch weight is 58.9 lb or 26.716 kg. 

How many amps does a badland winch draw?

Ans: Amps depend on how much load is applied for pulling. The more load draws more amperage. A normal 9000 lbs winch 60-70 amps out with zero loads. Badland Apex series 12000 lbs winch draws 300 amps at full load.

Final Thoughts

There are numerous winch brands available on the market. Finding a reliable brand with excellent features at a reasonable price is stimulating.  This electric winch, which has an automated load-holding brake for security, is essential for your next off-road excursion.

We showed the Badland winch which has a quite good build quality, ultimate performance, and affordable price for you and hope it helps you choose the right one that fulfills your needs and makes your off-road ride enjoyable and worry-free.

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